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[RP Discussion] What Makes A Good Host?

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This might have been a topic before but I think it's a good one to come back to in any case.

It's a simple idea. Hosts, the ones who run an RP. What makes a host a good one? What must a host do to be successful as a host? And if you feel like it'll help discussion what's something hosts should avoid?




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I don't have much experience in RP, but I just wanted to say that I think Draconus is doing a fantastic job of hosting The Temple of Myth. He is understanding, kind, encouraging and he answers questions promptly. 



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I don't normally swing into these threads, but I've got a history of creating amazing RPs and then hosting them poorly so I think I have some good answers for this question.


Being able to create a compelling universe and premise is definitely important, but that's only the first step. A good host needs to be able to run a plot both on the long term and the short term, as well as improvise a few things as needed. The hardest part of running a plot in my opinion is finding that perfect balance where you aren't railroading your players into the plot, but don't have them just running around like a bunch of uncoordinated headless chickens. It's also important to have the answers to any questions you may be asked, which means lots of worldbuilding behind the scenes, even if not all the information is publically available. One of the most important things, though, at least in my opinion, is coordination. A good host coordinates things with their players, their cohosts (if they have any), and themselves. If everyone's on the same page, the rest should come naturally.


That's the short version of what all I have to say on the topic, since I don't wanna spend all the time I'd need for the long version =w=. On that note, dedication and activity are also imperative to good hosting; without those, and RP will inevitably sink.

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I'm still trying to accept the fact that I pretty much single-handedly killed Teen Titans: Twilight of the Gods because I was unable to commit the amount of time necessary as RP Host... True, I was in the process of moving to France to start a new life, but that's not much comfort.


So yeah, I think that planning, consistency, and execution are important qualities in a RP Host if they're going to keep their RPs chugging smoothly along.



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A good host makes sure things will run well but also that people will have fun.

If nobody is having fun then you're not doing it right.


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