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[Discussion] Rulebook Updates and Feedback


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Flash Flyer - Sakura

Flash Flyer - Sakura


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You all knew the rule changes were coming, but due to other factors such as staff agreement on particular policies (and removal of inactive staff), the roll out was put on indefinite hiatus.


(To avoid what happened last time with the original updates, the new rules were forwarded to evilfusion and Flame beforehand for final checking.)




1. All discussion in here must be conducted in a civilized manner. This means no attacking us for certain policies that you don't like. Whatever is written in the new rules is for the better of YCM as a whole. 


2. Do not shitpost in this thread. Anyone caught doing this will be harshly penalized. 


3. This is only for the general rulebook that applies to the entire site. Section specific rules should be brought up in their respective discussion threads if applicable.



General changes:

  • Definition of what constitutes as inappropriate/explicit content; also no joking about Pornhub. Just don't. 
  • Definition of what constitutes as flaming/trolling.
  • Definition of what constitutes as mini-moderating.
  • Lowered signature size (you can keep your signatures, but spoiler tags may need to be used more often)
  • Definition of spam posts; #6 on that list has been brought to our attention in recent days. 
  • Warning system updated
    • Mod queue removed and replaced with a content lock.
    • 10 WP warrants a 48 hour suspension / temp ban
    • Note that repeat offenders will get longer/harsher punishments
    • Permanent bans literally mean what they say; once you get one, that's it.
    • Explanation of temporary bans (how it works, "rewards" for good behavior and what happens if you get in trouble again)


Will be updated again if things need to be added/removed/modified, etc. 

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In case Sakura's instructions are unclear for whatever God given reason, this thread is zero tolerance.  You have zero opportunities to make mistakes, and no margin for error.

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