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[Sakura] Flyer 2.0

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Flash Flyer - Sakura

Flash Flyer - Sakura


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As far as YCM is concerned, it's still Xmas so why not. (Divided into individual subgroups; Snow Flyer are main; Flash are secondary / usually Beast-Type support)


Snow Flyer


Flash Flyer


Support Flyer


Spell/Trap Cards



Design stuff


Images were mostly done by me; exceptions are the Field Spells / movie screenshots (with some edits) and Santa's pic (done by Genzoman)


But you guys know what to do by now, right?




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Centering stuff; will be moved to Advanced after the event ends

Card Directory and TCG Decks
Viva Club Espeon!
Extra Images / GFX stuff
Zootopia GIFs (I have too many of them in here -_-)
Character results
YCM Accolades




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