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[CFV] Post-FC17 Demagogue Assassin


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4 | Enigmatic Assassin [First Vanguard]

4 | Dark Knight of Nightmareland

1 | One-Eyed Succubus

4 | Hysteric Shirley

3 | Monochrome of Nightmareland

4 | Specialist, Vincent

[ 5 Critical / 4 Draw / 3 Stand / 4 Heal ]


4 | Dimension Creeper

4 | Succubus of Pure Love

4 | Wertiger Yaeger
2 | Succubus of Avarice


4 | Blade Wing Sykes

3 | Demonted Executioner

3 | Flying Librarian

2 | Tragic Claw


4 | Blade Wing Sullivan


4 | Abominable One, Gilles de Rais

4 | Wings of Annihilation, Blade Wing Tibold

1 | Coffin of Absolute Zero, Rutland Vitrei

1 | Great Demon, Soulless Demagogue

1 | One Steeped in Sin, Scharhrot


2 | False Dark Wings, Agrat bat Mahlat

2 | Medicine of Discontinuation, Vincent

1 | Dark Elemental, Dizmel


The deck's greatest strength is the ability to adapt to any match-up that it's facing. If you're playing against a much faster match-up, then you'll primarily be going for a huge Demagogue into 3-4x Assassin play to try and take them down from a relatively low early damage count. Against slow decks, building the right amount of Soul to keep Sullivan online for all of their attacks is an absolute must before you finish them with either Gilles de Rais or Rutand Vitrei powering up multiple Assassin swings. The greatest weakness that the deck has is early game pressure, so the advice for that is to try and mulligan into a Demonted to Soulcharge Yaegar and build board as efficiently as possible. 


Things worth mentioning:

  • Both Vincents add a lot to the deck. The G-Guard Vincent creates a huge amount of Shield while creating more Soul, something that automatically makes him a lot stronger than Saint Germaine. His cap is also a lot higher than Saint Germain. In conjunction with the heal trigger, this makes Vincent an Agrat bat Mahlat which gains all of the shield at the very best of times. However, you can also just G-Guard with him without using his G-Guard effect simply to build an additional Soul without touching your deck. This can prove essential when you need to keep your deck count above a certain number but still need to maintain Soul for Sullivan.
  • Think of Rutland Vitrei as a later Demagogue for when you need to finish the grind game. He will require careful keeping of your Soul and deck size in order to use properly, but will more than likely kill the opponent the moment he's dropped if timed correctly. 
  • I'm playing Dark Elemental, Dizmel to counteract one of the deck's harder match-ups: Dimensional Robos. Daikaiser's Guard Breaking capabilities renders Sullivan's guarding a lot weaker than it needs to be and Commander Laurel often times requires a 2-3 card investment to stop them from hitting your rearguard with their Stride. As such, I've opted to run a single Dizmel because it cannot be guard broken, making it a 25000 Guardian under Sullivan that Daikaiser cannot get rid of, which also has the ability to protect my rearguards. While it may not be useful in every match-up, this is now okay because Vincent can flip Dizmel as his cost so we still efficiently use it.



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