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My thread in creative writing is invisible?


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According to the above direct link, its still in creative writing, yet I don't see it when I browse for it. Can someone explain this to me?


edit: I am working on a new chapter so that's why I want to know

Feel free to print out and use cards that I've made against your friends, and if you do, tell me how it went! Just don't claim that you made them.

Also, if you duel with your cards and have stories to share, then this thread is for you: http://forum.yugiohc...sharing-thread/

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how katio vs mizael should have ended

So, if Yuma forgives Vector for betrayal and evil intentions WAY more often then he should, then why isnn't he doing the same thing with Don 1000? /sarcasm




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Took me a minute, but I figured it out.


The default display for the section only shows topics from the last 60 days. I don't know exactly why that section is done in this manner, but it's probably so people only see one page of results, and not have to run through half a dozen side pages. 


At the top bar in a section, you'll see sorting options marked "Recently updated, Start Date, Most Replies, etc". Go to "Custom", which opens a drop down menu. Go to "Time frame" and select "Last 90 Days" (or all, or whatever you want).

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