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Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by Chaos Sonic/pg-13/IC/NA]

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"I.  Am not.  A villain."  Gin said, through clenched teeth.  
"That's exactly what a villain would say, parading around as some sort of hero, just to get the drop on us!"  Erika said, pointing a self-righteous finger at Gin.  "But I, Erika, also known as Kamiki - the Breezy Hero, will reveal this facade of yours!  After this match is sorted out, you'll be behind bars in no time!  And then, U.A. will once again be safe from any sort of tom foolery from the villains of this world!"  
"You know...a smart villain would divert attention to the most obvious source...wouldn't they?"  Gin said, with a sly smile under his mask.  
"W-w-what!?  What are you inferring!?  Are you saying, that I, the prodigy of class 1-B, is the villain in disguise that I so proclaim you to be!?  That's just laughable!  HOHOHOHOHO!"  Erika said, bringing her hand up to her mouth.  "What evidence do you have for that?  I don't look as villainous as you, now do I?  And taking potshots at a clearly indefensible opponent such as myself is quite the trait of villainy."  
"Less talk."  Gin said, raising his finger again, and firing out a beam of red energy.  It was too fast for Erika to dodge, and it tore a hole through the arm of her jacket, leaving a rather large burn on her arm.  She flinched, not ready for the pain that came with the attack.  As she looked to it to asses the damage to her costume, she began to go on a shaky, but heavily angry, tirade.
"Another potshot!  How dare yo-"  Before she knew it, Gin was up close and personal with Erika, opting to sweep her off her feet with his legs.  She was too focused on her injury to even notice him closing the gap.  In retaliation, she puffed her cheeks and puffed a large burst of Wind at Gin that made him fly off a couple of feet.  Most of the impact hit him in the stomach.  He wasn't prepared for the force that the girl was able to deliver with just her breath.  "You wanna mess up my costume...fine...let me return the favor."  Erika's lips became tighter, and more precise, as if she were about to whistle.  Gin could hear the air pass her mouth, but the next thing he knew, there was a large cut at the top of his shoulder.  He gripped it, as it started to bleed.  He kept his eyes, and ears, tracked on the girl.  He wouldn't give her the same opportunity he had.  He could hear some more whistles, as he tried his best to dodge the wind that came his way, but he always ended up with a couple of more cuts around his body.
"Face it, villain boy, you can't fight the wind."  She said, with quite the smirk on her face.  It was then that she felt two impacts into her gut.  Looking at Gin, she saw that both of his fingers were pointed at her.  The impacts had taken her breath away.  She need to move!  She needed to get awa-
"Low Frequency: Micro Piston"  Just like his radio bullet, the air between his pointer fingers and his opponent became heavily distorted.  However, this time, the distorted space was much larger than what was seen with Radio Bullet.  The two forces hit Erika in her shoulders, causing her to fall down.  She was still trying to catch her breath at this point.  Gin was able to run up to her, stomping on her arm, pointing a finger down at the girl.  His finger lit up with a green hue.  "This one won't feel like a punch.  I promise."  The girl's desperate squealing was intensified to the point where she was able to assemble some words.
"I give up."  
Ino and Terro stood in the arena, neither one of them making a move just yet.  Just then, Ino could see that Terro was smiling.   He he raised a finger, it pointing to the sky. Five pieces of the stage ripped out of the ground and levitated besides him. "Here's some target practice!" he said as he fired one, taking a step forwards as he did.  Ino flinched, seeing the boy do this so effortlessly was quite the shocker.
"W-w-w-w-wait just a second Terro!"  Ino cried, waving her hands in the air.  She realized it was coming too quick to send an attack at, so she instead ducked under the block of the stadium.  "Y-y-y-you d-d-did that p-p-pretty easil-l-ly huh?"  Ino's vibrations were getting intense, as her whole body lay on the ground.  She upped the intensity of her vibrations, causing their arena to quake some more.
"I-I mean... I-it was h-hard at first... b-but I adjusted t-to t-the shaking," Terro said.  He did his best to keep himself standing, but her intense vibrations caused him to the fall down, which in turn, made him lose focus, and the pieces of the stage came falling down.  As he saw the big lug take a tumble, she cackled a bit under her breath.   
"Hehe!  Here I c-c-c-c-come T-t-t-t-terro!"  She said, inching herself on the floor of the arena towards her opponent.  As she drew closer, the shock waves reverberating from her body grew in intensity.  As long as he didn't have stable footing, this was a sure win for her!  
Goto's punch landed with surgical precision, hitting Creed right between the eyes, making the kid drop almost instantly.  Amazed, Goto walked up to his opponent, who was now snoozing on the arena's floor.  
"Huh...right out the gate huh?  Gotta say kid, you aren't painting a very good picture of 1-A."  He shrugged.
"Hiroki Goto of class 1-B moves on to the next round!"  The generic announcer seemed to be the only one who was excited about the event.  The crowd was mostly silent.  It was surely the most lackluster fight they had seen all day.  However, Mako couldn't be more than happy, as he pumped his fist.  
"THAT'S RIGHT 1-B!!!!  Let's show these posers in training what for!"  
"Well...that sure was the display, Creed."  Suna said, with his head in his hand.  

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"Hehe!  Here I c-c-c-c-come T-t-t-t-terro!"  Terro gritted his teeth as he watched Ino come closer. He wasn't sure of what to do... what could he... wait! Maybe... he rolled over onto his stomach, placing his hand onto the ground, gritting his teeth more. A small portion around Ino began to crack, but it was obvious Terro was having a hard time doing what he was planning.


Ino started to notice the stadium under her start to splinter, but even it would be hard for her to get up now.  As a matter of fact, going on for this long was starting to make her dizzy.  So quickened her pace towards Terro, opting for an army crawl as it were.  "N-n-no w-w-way m-m-mister!"  She said, gritting her teeth.


"G-g-gotta k-k-keep t-t-trying th-th-that," Terro said as he placed both hands on the ground and yelling. The cracking began to speed up, as it attempted to circle Ino. "T-t-the b-b-best w-w-way t-t-to b-b-be u-u-unaffected b-b-by y-y-your sh-sh-shaking i-i-is to get y-y-y-you away from the g-g-ground!" He says as he attempts to lift the ground up from under Ino and levitate it in the air. Ino's horizon started to shift, as Terro came out of view.  It seemed like she was rising in the air now, atop a floating piece of vibrating stadium. She stopped vibrating, realizing it wasn't going to affect her opponent at this point. 


"AHHH!  Terro, let me down!!!!!!" She wailed from atop the tile. Terro sighed as he got up, dusting himself off.


"Well, I guess I could do that," He said with a grin as he moved the piece towards the out of bounds. If Ino didn't do something quick, Terro's victory would be assured!


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