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Hero Academia: Rise Above Max Omega! [My Hero Academia RP/Co-Hosted by Chaos Sonic/pg-13/IC/NA]

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As Ino began walking away, she could feel a tugging at her arm.  She gave a quick glance back to Akira, who she could see was the one latching onto her.  She rang off a nervous laugh.  Maybe it was going to be a confession after all...even after she told him not to so soon!  However, his tone wasn't like that of a nervous lover's...rather inquisitive and serious.  


“When the villains attacked your class- er, our class,"


She began to tremble.  


"You all went several minutes before help from Pro Heroes arrived. I understand that there were a few with you, but not enough to protect you all. From what I understand, only Ichiro sustained major injury."


"No...please...I don't want to remember." She thought to herself.  Her stomach was churning, getting tighter.  She started to vibrate even more intensely than before.  Combining the two feelings put her on the verge of vomiting all over Akira.  The handrails next to the two began to shake as well.  Images flashed through her mind.  Suna, lying in a pool of his own blood.  Dr. Atomic, coming to save them all.  And then him...


"Hey...you don't mind if you lend me a hand do you?  I know you're good for it."  His voice rang in her ears...the sound of crunching and gnawing.  


"I think we can agree that not everyone in your class is well-suited to combat.  at least, not yet, and even still you all made it through. As far as I can tell, you got through the attack relatively unharmed. I have an idea of how strong those villains were, and it just doesn't add up.”


And then the question was asked...the one she thought she was done answering.  The one she never wanted to hear again.


“What happened in Kashyyyk?” 


Ino's stomach dropped, as she ripped her arm away from Akira's grasp.  In turn, she took a hold of his wrist, and ran into the stadium's hallway.  She took the both of them somewhere secluded, near a pair of restrooms a fair ways away from the entrance to the stands.  She stared at the wall for a couple of seconds, trying to figure out a way to talk about it.  She really didn't want to answer the question..but Akira was their classmate now, right?  He had a right to know what had happened that day.  She was still vibrating, but not as intensely as before.  She gripped her arm, trying to calm herself down.  A deep breath in and out.  Then she turned around to face him.  


"It was a field trip...it was supposed to be fun."  Her voice started to shake now.  "We had combat practice against a faux villain...Double Dragon...but things went South extremely quick.  Three villains showed up...Wendigo, Masque...and another man with a strange thing on his stomach.  Double Dragon, Blaze Bone, and Suna Sensei tried to protect us...but they were dispatched of rather quickly.  So...to protect our classmates, we tried to fight them ourselves.  I mean...we couldn't do much...it was a bunch of greenhorns versus some pretty nasty, and trained, bad guys.  They wouldn't hesitate to kill us...and I knew that.  I was so scared."  Ino tightened her grip around her arm.  "That monster...Wendigo...he...he ate Suna's arm...right in front of us."  She didn't realize, but she was now starting to choke on her words.  Tears had started to well up in the corners of her eyes.  "Everyone did their best...but if it hadn't been for the heroes he came to rescue us...we would all be dead."  Dr. Atomic's smile flashed in her mind.  "And then the explosion happened...that's all I remember after that.  The rest is a blur."  She wiped her eyes, and looked at the boy.  "That's what happened in Kashykkk."


She sniffled a bit, before smiling halfheartedly.  


"Now that that's out of the way, I'm going to go see Isami.  You can come if you want...too be honest, I'm not quite sure how he'll handle seeing you."  Ino scratched her head, and laughed.  "Actually...It's Isami.  He'd probably be happy either way!"

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"Yep, I'm alright! A bit beat up, but nothing that time can't heal!"
Well that was a relief. He definitely looked better than Asuka imagined somebody would look after that attack. Perhaps it had to do with how small of a snake Isami could become? Or perhaps Akira's attack wasn't powerful so much as flashy? The latter was a possibility she liked to consider, but ultimately, it didn't feel like anything more than just wishful thinking. It must have been something on Isami's end in that case. She had to admit, Asuka didn't know Isami could put up as good of a fight as he did.
"Truth be told, I thought I'd end up a lot worse off when the barrage of light struck me... Thanks for checking up on me... it means a lot."
"Of course. It's my responsibility as your classmate, especially after an attack like that. It's good to see that you're feeling okay."


"Just toss that question out all the time, do ye? You Hero course guys think you're entitled to knowin' my Quirk, do ye? If ye MUST know, I MADE these; Bloody meant for strong louts like you, wouldn't ye reckon? Testin' these; Makin sure they ain't gonna fall off easy, for someone who CAN'T break his own arms, he's not quite daft enough to do that. Bloody careless, hurtin' yourself like tha'."


She got defensive about her Quirk awful fast, especially considering she called us out for being in the Hero class of all things. Could it be that...


"Who's tha loud prick over that way? And that one, too, come to think of it. The hell does he think he is, actin' all cool after droppin' a bloody bomb on a guy? Bit of a Holy Joe, inn' he?"


Holy Joe? What did that even mean? It must have been a phrase from wherever this iron-fisted girl came from, because Sayuri had definitely never heard anything quite like that. Akira said something about how much he held back, which also piqued Sayuri's interest, but she was more focused on the girl she'd never seen before right now. As he and Ino - when did she even get here? - took off, and things quieted back down with the group of students Sayuri found herself with, she was able to pose her next question to the unknown girl.


"You were very defensive about your Quirk when I asked, and calling us 'Hero course guys' implies you're in the Support class. This is just a guess, but could it be that you actually don't have a Quirk?" Not that there was anything wrong with being Quirkless, of course. Sayuri knew plenty of people growing up that didn't develop Quirks, and they were just the same as anyone else. She was a bit jealous of their normal, non-padded feet, but as she thought about that more, that probably applied to just about everyone who didn't have the same Quirk as her, and even some people who did.


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Terro watched the fight with extreme interest, enthralled by what he seeing. He ignored the crowd he pushed through, ignored cries of indignation and fury to focus squarely on the fight. It seemed that Mike had some sort of buster that fired a projectile of bright green. It was easily dodged however, and the two exchanged more moves, before finally Aaron fired off an attack that looked... familiar. 
"GET YOUR OWN STYLE, YOU DAMN LOSER!  IF YOU WANT, I CAN SHOW YOU HOW IT'S REALLY DONE!  AFTER YOU LOSE!!!!!!"  Gin roared, which caused Terro to chuckle. It seemed people were drawing on the ideas of others to improve themselves. Terro thanked the deities that this was a thing that was a constant. That really would send his world tumbling if it wasn't.

Still, Terro didn't feel like he was close enough to the action. These stands kept him pretty far away, but he also knew that going to close would probably get him in trouble. So, he decided to do the best thing he could. He grabbed the side and vaulted over, landing on the ground and sitting against the wall. He had a good view here, and he was far away enough that he shouldn't get in trouble. He hoped.

"And that one, too, come to think of it... The hell does he think he is, actin' all cool after droppin' a bloody bomb on a guy? Bit of a Holy Joe, inn' he?" While Sayuri and Ichiro had likely never heard the term 'Holy Joe' before, Hadley's aggressive tone of voice made it's negativity all too clear. 


Goutetsu had been quiet, listening to this girl go on. He had no idea who she was, and it seemed neither did anyone else. Her accent was one he had heard before, but not too often, and he always confused Scottish and Irish accents. He felt bad about it every time, but he just didn't know. 


"You were very defensive about your Quirk when I asked, and calling us 'Hero course guys' implies you're in the Support class. This is just a guess, but could it be that you actually don't have a Quirk?" Sayuri wrote. Goutetsu stroked his chin as he was thinking. 


"Forgive an old man, but I'm not too familiar with the superhero culture," He said. "What is the Support Class? Is that where they train those... oh, what are they called...?" He stroked his beard some more before snapping. "Sidekicks! That's it,"

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"What kind o' thing to say is that? You some kinda daft idiot?"


Oh good...she thinks so too...good grief. Ichiro mentally facepalmed, just clamming up.


"They're impressive. Are they related to your Quirk?"

"Just toss that question out all the time, do ye? You Hero course guys think you're entitled to knowin' my Quirk, do ye? If ye MUST know, I MADE these; Bloody meant for strong louts like you, wouldn't ye reckon?"


"H-Hey...she didn't mean anything bad by that." he said, trying to help Sayuri out...only to have this girl get on his case again. Oh joy...


"Testin' these; Makin sure they ain't gonna fall off easy, for someone who CAN'T break his own arms, he's not quite daft enough to do that. Bloody careless, hurtin' yourself like tha'."


He fell silent again at the comment that was made. It was obvious, even though he had no clue who this woman was, that even she knew that he was being careless using his Quirk. He let out a small sigh, before nodding in acknowledgement, as Sayuri and this girl kept talking somewhat. Until Goutetsu spoke up...


"Forgive an old man, but I'm not too familiar with the superhero culture. What is the Support Class? Is that where they train those... oh, what are they called...? Sidekicks! That's it."


Ichiro looked at Goutetsu, smiling a little, trying not to snicker as bad, but along side with him...Rei was laughing.


"Not exactly, Goutetsu sir." Rei shook his head, laughing some. "From what I read online when me and Ichiro applied for him to go to U.A., the Support Class is more along the lines of...hmmm how to put it...from what I can tell, the Support Class is more along the lines of those providing heroes in training with equipment, such as costumes and gear...just pretty much giving them as much support as they can give their fellow students." He let out a small chuckle, before nudging Goutetsu's arm. "Sidekicks...well, your thinking of something more akin to say...Rodent and Living Wood...yikes...almost forgot how cringey most hero's names are..."



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Aaron bent down and grabbed the baton closest to him, uncemented it from its place of holding and pointed it right at Mike. “My finger pistols aren’t working as well, let’s try this instead!” Tiny sparks came off of the baton as Mike grabbed another ball, then with a push of a button, electricity from the first baton shot a stream of lighting towards Aaron, with Mike in the middle of it.


The moment Aaron pointed the baton at Mike, there was really only one thing it could mean. Diving to the side, Mike felt a bolt of electricity wash overhead, licking at his body as he only just barely made it out of the way of the main shock. However, this wasn’t to get away scott free, and even as his brain told his body to stick the landing of his dodge-roll, his muscles refused to obey and he found himself tumbling to the ground instead. Mike gave himself no room to rest from the attack, however, and pushed himself to a kneeling position as fast as he could, extending his gauntlet-bracer into a cannon over the rubber ball once more. However, this time, Mike aimed for the second baton still stuck in the ground, letting the shot fire with a loud “whump”. The ball shot out from a muzzle flash of brilliant green, slamming into the baton and jarring it from the ground.


The baton skittered a few feet, but this wasn’t enough. Charging his suit and letting out a burst of energy, Mike shot forward towards the baton as fast as he could, and the moment he reached the weapon he proceeded to slam the inside of his foot against the metal rod, sending it flying out of the ring. “I think that’s enough of that!” Mike said, taking a moment to catch his breath as he turned to see where Aaron was in all of this. Just as Mike turned, Aaron appeared in front of him and delivered a mighty punch to Mike’s gut causing him to gasp for air. Before Mike could retaliate, Aaron quickly grabbed his legs and flipped him on his back and started to spin him like an Olympic hammer thrower. After about 4 good spins, Aaron let him go, pretty close to the ground but enough to keep him airborne towards where Mike kicked his previously cemented baton outside the ring. Aaron quickly pulled out another finger gun and fired about  5 shots at Mike.


Mike tucked his knees in as he flew, and let out a large burst of energy below and behind him. The combined force sent him upwards, above the bolts of electricity that fired in his direction. Playing elusive and clever wasn’t getting him anywhere. Besides, if he could beat Ichiro in the close-range department, then Aaron should be no problem! Just not too close…


He recharged his suit quickly and used the energy-jets on his back and legs to control his fall and keep his movements erratic. He landed close by and extended his palms to release another strong explosion of energy. The range was wide and strong, this wasn’t some punch that could be dodged or parried easily, and even as Aaron backed off to reduce the impact of the energy blasts, Mike pressed forward his speed and gave no opening as Aaron was forced closer and closer to the arena’s edge.


As the energy in Mike’s suit got low, he was forced to recharge it thanks to his excessive use of it, and as the match got on he could feel the wear of exhaustion from using his power too much, but at this range… “It’s over,” Mike announced, charging up another large blast to send Aaron flying off the arena’s edge.


Throughout the match, Aaron noticed how long it took Mike to charge each attack and was planning according to those charges. However, it wasn’t working as well with long range or close range, and this last attack would seem to do Aaron in. As soon as Mike started to charge, as much as Aaron didn’t want to use it, Aaron lifted his arm and shot out one of his tasers and it latched onto Mike’s leg, piercing through the suit and into his skin. “You’re right.” Just a few milliseconds before Mike released his blast, electricity jolted through Mike body causing his arm to bend away from Aaron, only slightly, but enough that some audience members feeling the blast. Mike fell to his knees and toppled to the ground as Aaron stopped sending electricity. “Sorry, that seems really cheap of me to do that. I didn’t want to use my tasers unless it was a last resort.”


Mike felt as though he was fighting his own body, trying to force it to move, but found that it refused to respond. The announcers began a countdown, and Mike could hear Aaron stepping ever closer until his legs from knees down crept into his vision.


“It’s not… over,” Mike growled through a tightly clenched jaw, trying to move his body through sheer force of will alone. There was, however, one thing left that he could do without his muscles. The more Mike tried his hardest to move his body, the more his green energy began to emit from his limbs, the jets on his boots lighting with a subtle glow that slowly grew. “Not.. by a long shot!”


In one swift motion, there was an eruption of energy from Mike’s boots, lifting his body right off the ground and shooting his leg out and planting his lightning-fast foot directly into Aaron’s stomach. The impact alone was much harder than a normal kick could, and Mike landed firmly on his feet after the strike. Yet, despite that motion, he still couldn’t move his limbs, his muscles twitching and spasming, but his body staying upright as small bursts of energy kept his stance, regardless of how much it swayed.


“If you think… I’m just going to stay down like that, then you have another thing coming! I’m not quitting, and I’m not going to make it easy for you or anyone!” Aaron could feel the amount of pain through his words that it was a little too unbearable to listen, but so was the pain his stomach. With a little more speed, Aaron lunged towards Mike and swung a punch. Mike, ungracefully, moved out of the way with only getting hit in the shoulder. Using his quirk, Mike ragdolled his right arm and sent a blast at Aaron pushing him away, tearing the taser out in the process. When the momentum stopped, Aaron quickly ran back at Mike with an electrically charged fist in hopes of knocking him out the ring. As Aaron got close and swung, Mike feinted away from the attack, putting Aaron in a bad spot. Nevertheless, Aaron can catch himself in time and counter, but Mike’s jerky dodge caused both arms to point right at Aaron and sent Aaron flying.


Aaron tumbled on the ground as he quickly pulled out his baton and jammed it into the ground, causing more dislocation to his shoulders. The impact was a lot harder than before, but Aaron got back up wheezing and gasping for air. Aaron looked back at Mike barely chuggin’ on, and Aaron could finish it off, however, Suna came up behind him and held Aaron back from lunging again. “Sorry kid. . . It was a good fight, but it’s over for ya.” Aaron was confused by his statement and mouthed “What?” wondering what he meant by it. Clearly, in Aaron’s point of view, he could finish of Mike right now. Mako, pointing on the ground, “Saw the tip of your shoe hit outside the ring. Rules are rules, kid. But ya both should be proud of yourselves.”



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Even as Akira turned his back on her, Hadley was standing, shooting up onto her feet with fire in her eyes. But she stopped there, standing stock-still, keeping her eyes locked on Akira. She turned her head as he left with Ino, never taking her absolutely hate-filled gaze from the back of his head, seething silently until he was out of sight. There was a brief moment of silence, maybe two, before she closed her eyes, letting out the breath she had been holding through her nose, scowling.


"Prick," she said simply, returning to her seat, looking tired and irritated. Sayuri's question went unnoticed by her for a brief moment, but the strange cadence of her speech device pulled her back down to Earth.


"Eh? Oh, I fucken' wish," she said distractedly, catching herself and glaring back at Sayuri. "Look, my Quirk isn't any of your damn business. Not why I'm here, alright?" This sucked. She hadn't meant to engage with any of the hero course members, and already she was regretting it. But they knew she was here now. Might as well sate some of their curiosity if it would get them off her back.


"Support class don't work with the Hero Course," she said to Goutetsu, sounding kind of offended at the idea. "Making shit that works with their own Quirks and makes them better heroes is their purpose... They need all the help they can get, I reckon, especially if the best ye' poor fucks have is Tomoaki" she added on, crossing her arms. "Nothing I could make for that prick would fix what a 'effin knobhead he is. What kind of assholes are runnin' this damn school that assholes like him and the peashooter get in?"


She glared at Ichiro. "You're no help either," she tacked on suddenly. "I get sent out here, get assigned three Hero Course students to brainstorm on for my homework, you and Kurosawa don't even make it past round one and Otama's a braying jackass." She leaned back in her seat, fuming silently. "Figures you're just one of them jackasses that hits things... The feck I do with tha'? Whip you up a pair of these for you to shatter yer damn hands in?" she asked derisively, holding her gauntlets up in the air and waving them to and fro in a mocking fashion. "Cripes sake."

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