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The Emoji Movie

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President Frank Underwood

President Frank Underwood


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Hear me out.

This movie trailer needs to be seen and watched on YouTube itself so we can vote with our dislikes. People pay attention to the like-dislike ratios of big trailers, and since Sony is trying AGAIN to shove a tentpole down our collective throats like they did last year with Ghostbusters, it's time they knew just how much we hate their cookie-cutter, by-the-numbers drivel.
So click that link on the embedded video, and vote this trailer down as hard as you can, then tell your friends to dislike the trailer, too.
Show the world that we do not want this movie.

King Crouton

King Crouton

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I can see them forcing a s*** ton of memes into it too. Ya... I think I'll pass. But can't really complain since it's targeting a younger audience. Most of those types of movies, animated and LA, turn out to be booty. 

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Eros Thanatos

Eros Thanatos

    Thank God.

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How in the fuck did they land Patrick Stewart for this?  Jesus, I'm gonna need help downvoting this.





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I'm mostly waiting in anticipation for middle aged moms to start making memes of it


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have not payed attention on the hate but i assume it has to do with reason involving Popeye movie being cancelled?




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How in the f*** did they land Patrick Stewart for this? Jesus, I'm gonna need help downvoting this.

wym if I was Patrick Stewart this woulda been EZ money

lmao movie looks lame but why u gotta convince ppl to hate on it like bruh, this the type of low hanging fruit that baits film studies 101 kid critics all the time smh.
too much effort imo for 0 exposure when u could just watch guardians of the galaxy 2 instead

n0body care about ur downvote lmao those aren't wallets GG




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its a bunch of corporate executives tryna be hip and cool with the kids this happened so much why do we bother being outraged (SONY/MARVEL/DC/Hillary Clinton/Bill Nye)

its even worse when u have shitty wannabe youtube comedian having stock image of businessman and talking with their prepubescent voice smh ur skit is not funny 




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You gotta wonder how it feels to be an executive at Sony dealing with this. The movie is obviously gonna tank hard with how negative its reception is before its release.

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    Holy Knight

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Jesus Christ.


I'm a fucking memer and I'm gonna downvote this. Please no.

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God, I can't wait to see the rotten tomatoes review.

Oh and this to go with it

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Well the movie tries a new and peculiar approach in the digital world, much like DigimonApplimonsters, which takes place mostly inside a mobile phone system, pretty interesting but not that exciting, well we can experience the feeling of surfing a tech device, the main characters aren't really that interesting and such, but maybe we can make a "guess the meme challenge" for some fun at least...

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