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Ink sketches

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Just a bit of fun, when my pencil is not around. XD I had nothing to do with that lined notepad, so I decided to do some random stuff daily... And so did happen. :D


Day one, weird animals
Day two and three, some girls and stuff I had around
Day four, some flowers
Day five, dogs in corsets 0-0


Hope you enjoyed at least as much as I did. XD Probably soon I will update with more flowers, some dogs in corsets and maybe one "semi-realistic" anime character (my friend likes Gaara way too much, I'm almost concerned...).

Bye. :D

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This is actually incredible and dogs in corsets is my favorite thing

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Amazing drawings, IMO. I find the weird animals cool, and I'm impressed by the girls specifically; their anatomy may be shaky, but as sketches they look good.
I'm not an art nor drawing expert so I cannot give a proper review, and for that reason I may be missing some flaws that others more familiarized with drawings can detect and break down. But still, I really like what you showcase here.


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Darj, thank you very much! :D I'm very well aware of the flaws with the girls, as while sketching with ink I had to keep an eye on both details and overall structure at the same time. That has lead to a bit longer legs, limbs not matching in size and maybe slightly weird faces. :< Basically I was trying to teach myself drawing without a fear, rather than always clinging to my eraser.~

Thank you again for the overview!




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Is that.... the SEAL of Orichalcos?!?!


Nice drawings, I like the flowers the most. Looking forward to seeing more if you do them

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This looks incredible. You should do more of these and maybe even open up a page for them if you do them often enough.

Love the details in pretty much everything.

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