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Battle Arena Style Dueling

Battle Arena Style Dueling Field Spells New way to play Yugioh


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Hello everyone, and welcome to my new forum.  I have developed a new way of playing Yu-Gi-Oh, inspired by Turbo Dueling from Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's, called Battle Arena Style Dueling.  There are a few rules you have to follow when playing this way.  First, your deck cannot have any Field Spells, other than the Style you choose to Duel with.  Each Style has different stats, so make sure you read them.  Each Style will have the following stats effected: Starting Life Points, Battle Points (BP) Max, Hand Size Limit, BP Gained each Standby Phase, BP Cost to gain 500 Life Points, BP Cost to Draw 1 Card, BP Cost to destroy 1 monster your opponent controls, and other Effects.  Here are the following Styles, and their stats.
Style- Starting LP/ BP Max/ Hand Size Limit/ BP Gained Each Standby Phase/ BP Cost to gain 500 LP/ BP Cost to Draw 1 Card/ BP Cost to Destroy a Monster your opponent Controls/ Other Effects.
Balance- 4000/6/4/1/2/3/4/None.
Rage- 4000/7/3/1/2/4/3/None.
Fury- 3000/7/4/1/3/3/3/None.
Strength- 5000/6/3/1/4/4/None.
Protect- 5000/5/4/1/3/5/None.
Swift- 3000/6/5/1/3/2/4/None.
Loose- 4000/5/5/1/2/2/5/None.
Inferno- 4000/7/4/2/2/3/3/FIRE Monsters only in your Deck and Extra Deck combined.
Hydro- 5000/5/5/2/1/2/5/WATER Monsters only in your Deck and Extra Deck combined.
Terra- 5000/7/3/2/1/4/3/EARTH Monsters only in your Deck and Extra Deck combined.
Airal- 4000/6/5/2/2/2/4/WIND Monsters only in your Deck and Extra Deck combined.
Solar- 5000/6/4/2/1/3/4/LIGHT Monsters only in your Deck and Extra Deck combined.
Lunar- 3000/7/5/2/3/2/3/DARK Monsters only in your Deck and Extra Deck combined.
Chaos- 3000/5/3/2/3/4/5/LIGHT and DARK Monsters only in your Deck and Extra Deck combined.  For each face-up Monster you control, your BP Max Limit goes up by 1. Up to Twice per turn, during your turn, when a monster is banished, your can pick 1 of these effects (you can only use each effect once per turn): 1.) Draw a Card, 2.) Gain 1 BP, 3.) Deal 500 Damage to your opponent's Life Points. HbLEEpL.png
Aggression- 3000/7/3/1/3/4/3/All Attack Position Monsters gain 500 ATK when attacking, but must attack each turn if able.
Templar- 4000/5/4/1/2/3/5/Once per turn, when you gain Life Points: You can Draw 1 Card, then Discard 1 Card from your hand. Once per turn, when you inflict battle damage to your opponent: You can gain Life Points equal to the damage dealt.
Giant- 4000/6/3/1/2/4/4/Monsters in your Main Deck have to be Level 5 or Higher, but all Level 5 or Higher Monsters in your Deck require 1 less Tribute to Normal Summon.  You can only have 3 Monsters in your Main Monster Zones at one time.
Rapid- 3000/5/5/1/3/2/5/Monsters in your Main Deck have to be Level 3 or Lower, but you get effects when you Summon a Monster of the following levels (you can only get each effect once per turn): Level 1: Gain 500 Life Points. Level 2: Draw 1 Card. Level 3: Destroy 1 Face-up Monster your opponent controls.  You can only have 3 cards in your Spell/Trap Card Zone at any time.

Defender- 5000/5/3/1/1/4/5/When a Defense Position Monster would be destroyed by battle, you can spend 1 BP instead. When a Monster goes to your Graveyard, you can banish it: Gain Life Points equal to their DEF.
Armory- 3000/6/4/1/3/3/4/Equip Spell cards cost 2 less BP to play. Once per turn, when a monster you control with an Equip Spell card equip to them destroys an opponent's monster by battle: You can gain 1 BP.
Grand Master- 5000/7/5/2/1/2/3/Your deck is only aloud to have 1 Type of Monster between their Main Deck and Extra Deck combined. You can only have 3 Monsters in your Main Monster Zones at 1 time.  You can only have 3 cards in your Spell/Trap Card Zone at 1 time.

That is all the Styles. A few other Rules to remember before Dueling this way:
1.) No cards that effect Field Spells, such as Burning Land.  Cards that are effected by Field Spells can be played, such as Earthbound Immortals. 
2.) No destroying the Styles with a card effect.  They are immune to card effects.
3.) Your hand Size Limit is also your Starting hand Size.
4.) You must choose your Style before the Duel.  When playing this way, when the Duel starts, search your Deck for your Style, and place it in your Field Card Zone, then shuffle your Deck, make your Life Points equal to the Style's Starting Life Points, and Draw cards equal to your Hand Size Limit.
5.) Attacking with a Monster requires you to use 1 BP.  Monsters with something Equip to them don't have to pay that cost to attack.
6.) Spells and Traps have BP costs, as well.  Depending on how restricted they were on the ban list (for both TCG and OCG) at their most restricted, they can have +0 to +3 BP cost.  Here are the ranges for each type of card:
Normal Spells and Normal Traps: 1-4 BP.
Continuous Spells and Continuous Traps: 2-5 BP.
Equip Spells: 1-4 BP.
Quick-Play Spells: 2-5 BP.
Ritual Spells: 1-4 BP.
Counter Traps: 0-3 BP.
Pendulum Scales: 0-3 BP. Cost 1 BP to Pendulum Summon.
7.) During YOUR Standby Phase, not your opponent's, you gain 1 BP for each Continuous Spell and Continuous Trap you control.

8.) Monsters that were, or are, on the ban list (for both TCG and OCG) will have a Load, depending on how restricted they were or are.  Your Deck cannot exceed the limit of Load in your Deck.  Starting off, it 25 Load, but can reach 45 Load, when you upgrade your Main Deck Limit and Extra Deck Limit.  Starting off, you have a 40 Card Max in the Main Deck and a 5 card Max in the Extra Deck.  I'll explain how to upgrade later, but to keep track of your Load Limit, take 1/2 your Main Deck Card Limit, add your Extra Deck Card Limit to that, and that is your Load Limit. I will also provide what cards have Load Later.
9.) Pendulum Monsters that were or are on the ban list will have both Load and Increased BP cost.
10.) We will be following the TCG Ban/Limited List, at least until I get the proper lists for this ready.
And that's all for now.  Thank you all for reading, and hope you enjoy this new way of dueling!



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This seems a bit confusing...?

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This probably should go in the Banlist/Theory section, because I don't even know how this factors into DP play. But even then, it is confusing as hell. 


(That being said, I think the user made a previous thread about some Field Spells that factor into this style.)

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