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Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

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In my pursuit of the perfect aloan ninetails, i have acquired far too many ninetails. Would anybody like to receive a snow warning aloan ninetails?

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nothing of interest

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Flame Dragon

Flame Dragon

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So, a new distribution has been announced for the US. Shiny Poipole will be distributed at Gamestop in the US from September 17th to October 7th. It also looks really cool.
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Flash Flyer - Sakura


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Just gotta remind self to actually go to Gamestop within that time period. Probably going because I want the Reshiram/Zekrom codes for Kyurem (mostly latter so I don't have to use PokeBank to transfer ones from Gen 6 over or the one I caught in Ultra Moon).




Other thing on mind is trying to get Latias (or her brother) from Best Buy, but apparently the one I can go to on a regular basis here isn't participating (which does piss me off to extent [and maybe a few other guys who want it]). Then again, any of the giveaways at Target and such aren't here either, so...either those locations didn't get the memo or just choose not to participate.


[Yes, I can just reset White 2 for another one if I really wanted to and devote time to the endeavor in Gen 5 [and actually name it whatever I'd like], but I want the Bottle Cap and tutor moves already on it]






As for vla1ne, maybe on Ultra Moon if I can tell myself to actually finish stuff on that game; I already got my Alolan Ninetales for Ultra Sun. Though I should check if I have any Snow Warning Vulpix with the egg moves I want and correct nature/IVs.

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It's also been confirmed that the Shiny Poipole will be distributed in the UK at Smyths Toys from September 17th to October 15th. (Why couldn't it have been at Game for fuck's sake)

As for the rest of Europe will get it via the Trainer Club newsletter in September.

Also this event is to coincide with the release of Dragon Majesty set.




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