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Yu-Gi-Oh! Trivial Wars [IC/PG16/Accepting]

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Lora was just about to head into her room when she was stopped by the engineer of the fort it seemed. She froze up when he stopped her despite him just complimenting her mechanical legs.

"These are some quality work here," he said admiringly, looking up and grinning at her. "How fast can you run in these?" It took her a minute to even process this question before she answered. "U-uh... As fast as a cheetah... Now please excuse me." With that said, Lora bolted into the room she chose and shut the door behind.

She let out a big sigh of relief as she sat at the edge of the bed. "Alone at last..." She set her bag down and unzipped it. "It's safe to come out you two." All by herself, Lora was able to open up luggage and from it she pulled out two little cats, a black one and a white one each wearing a red collar. She cuddled the two cats and laid down on the bed, happy to be out of the air.



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Marcus' expression seemed delighted.


"Wait, WE get to track him down? OH HELL YES!" He pumped a fist in the air. "I thought he was too chicken, but this is SO much better!"


He pulls out his deck and fans through the cards, counting off his Main and Extra Deck. "Perfect, I've got all of 'em. I'll get the newbies! We're meeting in the vehicle bay, right?" Without waiting for an answer, Marcus rounded up the ladies and Haki and explained the situation with the biggest grin on his face.


Locking his own, more compact Duel Disk on his arm, he couldn't help but shiver at the poison running through him. Duels got him riled up, but hunting down AWOLS? That's a whole new level of fun. "We get to track down and pummel Dmitri into submission. I didn't think he'd call my bluff, but it looks like Osborne actually wants us to track him down. Man, I don't know whether to hate Osborne anymore. If this keeps up, I don't think I'll be able to!

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No one had answered her proposal to share a room with Teach. But that was nothing compared to the tall man who had suddenly appeared. There were so many new people here! And they were all so friendly! It really WAS like those training camps her parents talked about all the time!


Wait. The new person had pointed out that other girl and Hana, for the first time, finally realized she existed. She wasn't ignoring her by any means but the girl was certainly one of those who lacked presence. Her parents told her of this too. Hana briefly wondered if the girl could use her hair as a rocket just like that one character her mother was particularly fond of.


WAIT NO SHE IS LEAVING. Hana bolted forward and knocked on the door. "Waaaait new friend we need to do introductions!" She spun around suddenly and faced the engineer with a serious expression. "...How fast is a cheetah?" She asked.


Her stomach then grumbled. Seemed that she was getting hungry. "And where is the fish? I'd like to eat...now." She asked this of the man who had mentioned fish before, Mark.

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As Mark had continued to pull his new roommate along, the man spoke up. Introducing himself as Leonard Davis, as he continued to list off a few things about himself Mark realized something. This man, Leonard, was quite weird. But, that didn't matter any to Mark. So what if his roommate was a bit on the strange side? That just meant he probably didn't have many friends, and Mark was an expert at being people's friends. As his comrade then talked about how he had trouble with remembering people's names, Mark seemed to reach an epiphany. "Oh, well if you have trouble remembering names, then I, Mark Last-Name, will continue to say my name, Mark Last-Name. If I, Mark Last-Name, do that enough then you are sure to remember my, Mark Last-Name's, name, Mark Last-Name. Hahahahaha!" After he let out a jovial fit of laughter Mark continued to pull the man towards the dormitories, assured that he had made this man's day by being truly friendly. 

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Jack was enjoying Ian’s reaction, up till he felt somebody push him off the roof.  But suddenly, his fall was stopped as somebody grabbed his ankle. Looking at the person, Jack smiled as he recognized who it was. It was Blythe Pendleton, and she did not look happy. "I think you have something that BELONGS to me, Blaze," she snapped, reaching forward into one of Jack's pockets with her free hand.


“Hey now! What are yo-“ Jack let the sentence trail as he saw her pull out a bunch of cards, the cards that Jack had stolen, to be exact. ‘Ah, crap.’

"I thought as much," she muttered, looking them over. "You DID take one of mine. Sneaky little prick."

"Corporal Pendleton!" Ian barked, looking frantic. "Get Blaze back up on that roof, it's dangerous to do that!"

"He's got one of yours as well," she replied dryly.

"What?! Blythe, give it to me! Jack, you... UGH!" Ian shouted in frustration.

He was cut off from further shouting by Osborne's intercom message. Blythe looked up in puzzlement, before yanking Jack back onto the roof.

"Looks like it's your lucky day," she said sarcastically, walking towards a ladder down as she tossed Ian's card off the side, letting it flutter down to him. "Don't let me catch you in my things again, Blaze."


“Oh don’t you worry, you won’t!” Jack said with a smile, as a drop of sweat fell down his forehead, “In fact, I wasn’t stealing your card at all. I was just borrowing it for a quick minute so I could compare some of my cards with it.”


 As Blythe left the roof and was out of sight, Jack let out a sigh of relief. That was close, very close, and he wasn’t thinking about the almost falling off the roof part. He was thinking about the almost being in trouble for stealing part. But his luck had come through in the form of Rustblood’s message and hopefully, the whole stealing incident would be completely forgotten about.


Speaking of Rustblood’s message, Jack had to get to the vehicle bay, now.  So Jack left the roof and caught up to Blythe, following her to vehicle bay.

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