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YCMDPF Archetype & Generic Submission Thread


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Hello there, fellow participants of the Yugiohcardmaker Duel Portal Format!
This thread is the place to submit your creations for use in our card pool. For now, you can submit a grand total of 20 cards. That includes your generics as well as your Archetypal cards - to encourage the use and creation of generic cards that benefit everyone instead of only using self-created archetypal cards. So basically, if you submit an Archetype with 10 cards (that including Extra Deck monsters), you will have 10 generics left to submit. If you submit 15 Arch, you will have 5 generics and so on.
For greater ease in reading and judging these, please use the following format to submit your cards. Also, separate Generics and Archetypal cards, as they are to be judged separately.


Afterwards, (parenthesis), VCR_CAT and me will look over your cards and see if they are appropriate for our format, or if any changes have to be done to them. We might also request playtests, if clarification on some of them is necessary.

You will be able to request TCG cards that you want to use here, however, this is not the thread to do so. This is only for Archetypes and Generics. And with that being said - happy submitting!
Have a nice day everyone,
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Archetype: Blaquarz. 7 cards


Archetype: Naghtsoldner. 4 cards


Generics. 9 cards

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Goodbye YCM

Goodbye YCM

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Here are my submissions! Bear in mind I typed most of these on my shift, so excuse me if there are any major PSCT errors.

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