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[Fanfiction] An Eastern Scarlet Spring

fanfiction short story Touhou


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My entry for the 2017 Summer Touhou Collaboration event on Tumblr. Quite a late entry and most likely a controversial entry, but I still really enjoyed writing this.
Tonight is the best night to see the cherry blossoms bloom in full effect. Being granted entry to Yuyuko's garden, Remilia invites Sakuya to come with her to enjoy the most beautiful night of the spring. Sakuya is deeply honored by the invitation and enjoys her night out with her mistress. However, Remilia is planning something else. Will this night truly be a night of joy and celebration?
Part 1
Part 2


Part 3
Part 4


My apologies in advance for anything that is lacking formatting or spacing issues. I copied this directly off my Wattpad as I didn't want to link it here (don't want to shamelessly advertise or anything). Feel free to leave any feedback and enjoy!

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