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Lower post count requirement for profile backgrounds

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I would like to propose lowering post count requirement for profile backgrounds and other aesthetic things like that to something less demanding than 5K or 10K posts or whatever it is. I think the amount should be about 1K posts at most, because these days post count isn't really too reliable in judging YCMer's judgement and character, or the amount of time they have been here (some new users get to 1K posts quickly, like, say in a year or so, while I have been here about 4 yrs and have only gotten to 1500 posts.)


(All this is not to mention the seemingly elitist problem the YCM community seems to have and that ppl have complained about.)




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It's not postcount related, it's for member groups like VIP or Dollars or literally any of them. You can have a background on a 0 post account.



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I think cr47t actually wants a serious reply, so excluding custom member groups, for the default ones he's right on the mark. This would apply when a member gets 5000 posts.
I for one think it would not detract from the benefit of getting this when you receive a 6th star because it's not the only privilege one would get. There's also the 45 day name change instead of 90 days and if either were to get their requirements reduced, it would be more likely this would. If this is reduced then members would then get an extra privilege for each star from the 5th (profile backgrounds, then 45 day name changes, then finally the removal of the word censoring).
Edit: After some thinking about it and checking the guide to YCM's ranking system where this isn't mentioned as being a thing, it is entirely possible the above didn't even didn't know you could get this without being in a custom member group. To me, it just looked like he wasn't being serious because he didn't mention anything about the regular member groups you can get this by being in, but I'm sorry for not thinking harder about that.

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