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Hello from Spyre!


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Spyre of the Wolves

Spyre of the Wolves


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Hello from me! I am a crazy and fun-loving guy who is pretty much addicted to Yu-Gi-Oh!, and I love making my own cards. Feel free to say hi and all and let me get to know you! (No, I am NOT a crazy stalker, I just want some friends.) Happy Dueling and Cardmaking!





    The Yurricane

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Hi there (^_^)/


I'm Yui, the moderator for General and the related sections, although you'll more likely find me in RP.


Before proceeding, make sure to read the rules if you haven't, both the site rules and the section rules for any sections you'll be visiting often. It's common sense stuff really, but it makes us happy if you do and it's good to know what is and isn't okay. Any questions you have can be directed to a moderator if it's about rules and the like, or if you're a little nervous about talking to mods (I was like that at first)... well, don't be. We're nice folks and are always glad to see new members join the site. But if you really don't want to consult a moderator about something, I guess you could always PM a member who frequents the section your question is related to. In the same vein, some mods will know more about some sections than others. Sakura, the CC mod, knows the Custom Cards section like the back of his hand, but likely doesn't know the RP section stuff as well as me or Zai, the latter being the RP section mod.


So uh yeah. Be good, don't make an ass of yourself, and have fun. Looking forward to seeing more of you if you stick around.

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The Nyx Avatar

The Nyx Avatar


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Hello there. Before you post any cards, be sure to read the rules, as there is stuff you have to do in your threads and the rules of sections differ. Once you've got that down, feel free to make carda and have fun.

Welcome to Yugioh Card Maker. Enjoy your stay.

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Spyre of the Wolves

Spyre of the Wolves


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Rules have been read. Thanks you two!

Chaotic Angel

Chaotic Angel

    The Cursed Emperor

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Welcome to YCM, Spyre. Name's Chaotic Angel.

Yui have covered the majority of the stuff already, so I'll just cut to the chase. My forte here is in the RP section, much like he is. If you feel like hanging around there let us know and we'll see what we can do to help you.

Hope we see you around and hope you enjoy your stay.

You're with us forever now, so..



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Name History


Senyuu --> Angelic Champion


Angelic Champion --> Final Slayer


Final Slayer --> Chaotic Angel


Chaotic Angel -->Dark Necromancer


Dark Necromancer --> Chaotic Angel


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Cirnotic Angel --> Chaotic Angel







    Winged Beast Lord

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Yo, welcome! I'm EpicBoss99, a big fan of Winged Beast-Type monsters, and I too enjoy making and dueling with custom cards! If you need help with anything at all here on YCM, I'd be happy to help! I'd also be happy to duel you on Duel Portal or in some sort of Yu-Gi-OH! RP, such as the one that Chaotic Angel is hosting right now! Enjoy your time here at YCM! :)

Flash Flyer - Sakura

Flash Flyer - Sakura


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Yeah, you're better off asking Yui or Zai about RP than me, considering last time I ever went in there seriously was 5-6 years ago. But that's another story.


But anyway, welcome to YCM.


Normally I'd mention the rule stuff, but seeing as you read them, I'll keep this short. You've already gone into CC so hopefully you've looked at the rules for Casual and Advanced, as the level of design does differ in there. 



If you need help, feel free to PM a staff member and/or a veteran member. For particular section stuff, a helpful guide. 

  • Custom Cards stuff can be forwarded to me if needed. (I may not answer right away because I'm in college and working part-time on weekends, but I will reply when I get on / when time permits)
  • Fanfic/RP can be forwarded to Zai or Yui; either one will do, but latter may be quicker to answer. 
  • TCG (if you have any interest in it) goes to evilfusion or Flame Dragon. Please note that the former only deals with Yugioh-based stuff, whereas latter handles other games like MtG.
  • Showcase/Graphics usually go to Night, but you can ask me if needed. (There's Smear, who is in touch more with the old guard in there than I am, but idk where he is nowadays)
  • General goes to Yui (and encapsulates the other subsections / Miscellaneous).
  • Video Games goes to Flame Dragon.
  • Other areas that weren't noted don't usually have a moderator watching, or shouldn't require it too much.


So yeah, have fun and enjoy your stay.

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(If you add my code, make sure you tell me so I can add you back)

~British Soul~

~British Soul~

    ~ There is only Jon ~

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Hi I'm BS, and unless you venture into a section where I'm not active, you'll be seeing quite a lot of me. Enjoy your stay




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