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Describe your taste in music with three songs


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The idea is fairly simple. Just post three songs that you think best convey your taste in music. These don't necessarily have to be your favorite songs, since those might fall outside your typical interest.

On one hand, if you like one specific kind of thing, three similar songs can convey that, while if your tastes are varied the trick is to cover it as best you can with only three songs.

Saw it on Reddit and thought it would be fun to bring here.

Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys

Short Skirt/Long Jacket - Cake

Marble Soda - Sean Wasabi
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This seems like fun. Let's see if I can pull this off. Probably not though lol.


Alestorm - Alestorm

Jake Kaufman - A Cargo of Fineries

Voltaire - The Beast of Pirate's Bay


...come to think of it, I think I just really like pirates and the like.

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Here is one.

This is harder than I anticipated but I have tried. The first is a FIFA song, from 14 I think, which is a common source due to the sheer exposure to the songs as I'd spend so long in the menus I'd hear the whole soundtrack about 100 times through each game and make inevitable associations with the positive experiences I had within the largely trash experience of playing FIFA, and the songs I liked to begin with that I was hearing so much.

This is another.

Second category are songs with cool lyrics that I originally heard as a child and stuck with me enough to revisit them once I had reached the age of commiting piracy; I'd say Hotel California is my favourite song but this is similarly high tier.

And finally.

Could have put the entire Bebop OST but it's like 6 hours and also weeb trash so I chose this instead; it's like FIFA songs but connected to actually happy memories. This was a good film, this is a fantastic (haha xd) cover. Others that would fit here are any anime OP I liked, any of the old-timey songs in Fallout 4 and Bioshock, trash like Fireflies which I liked when I was like 13 and can remember listening to in the back seat of our poverty seven-seater on a 3-hour drive to Kerry on holidays one summer.

Now I realise this isn't precisely taste but fuck you because that's a tough ask, these are the three primary types of song I like and the reasons behind them, I don't have any particular genre preferences kys die.


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Huh this is...tricky. For a lot of reasons. Mostly because I enjoy from metal to country to rap to anime shit...hmm.



This is to represent the more intense music I enjoy. Things that have more "adult" themes that have a certain energy to them



This is for the more fun but still energetic music I enjoy. This is where a lot of anime songs can fall into. Stuff with fun lyrics or just a generally upbeat vibe.



And this represents the more relaxed and slow-paced stuff. While still having a pop to it.


In general it seems I like things with energy and/or upbeat feelings. There's plenty of exceptions (Like Sound of Silence) but this is the most common type.




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Oh gosh, let me think...




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decathlon challenge (4/10)

ephara, god of the polis {wip} • (dimir)(rakdos)(gruul)emmara, soul of the accord

(orzhov)(golgari) • tatyova, benthic druid {wip} • (izzet) • anax and cymede {wip}

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In not gonna lie, I'm a sucker for good VGM. Like this headbopper here.

I like this song too. Part rap, part notes can be hit without autotune. Also, describes my life pretty damn accurately.


Anime. 'Nuff said. But I'll still say more about it. I love it when the opening for a show starts out weak and emotional, then transcends into hardcore and fast. It is so epic!

Also, I'm tagging Chaotic Angel for the next post.

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First Choice


Not only is it a song from an Anime, but the song is catchy as well. Seems like potential for any opening.


Second Choice


My attention seems to be attracted more by OSTs. Don't ask why. I do like video game music.


Third Choice


This song in particular gives me the feels. Yes, it's in reference to Angel Beats! Such nostalgia, having looked back at it.




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I like instrumentals and especially piano. I also like soundtracks from visual novels, even ones I haven't read yet, and this one takes the cake for my favorite from all that.



Something more weeb, touhou songs. This one in particular (and most stuff from this circle) are both catchy and have great, meaningful lyrics that have to be deciphered. Again this one's my favorite in those departments.



But this isn't weeaboo music, you may say. My parents like old ass music and this sort of stuff plays in the car all the time so I've grown to like it as well. also eagles is ameriboo af look at them they literally call themselves eagles the american animal.


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(Admittedly, I listen to hip hop a lot more)

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Man, this is a bit of a long one for me. Lemme try tho:


My favorite song of all time? That would go to the precursor to one of my favorite genres of music. The genre is Trance and the song is Blue Monday by New Order, a good representation of what I look for in music in general. The big production, the moody vibes throughout, and Bernard Sumner's great vocal delivery. Way ahead of its time, and a game changer for dance music as a whole.



When it comes to my preference of Goth music, I like it to have a lot of texture, a great bassline (something Goth Rock almost never fails to deliver on), and a menacing vocal. I tend to prefer Goth Rock, Ethereal Wave, and Darkwave over the heavier stuff like Deathrock (As an example, I am a huge fan of Suspiria and The Cure but I am not a fan of Killing Joke), but most of what I like regardless of genre ends up in those qualifying categories. Case in point:



My taste in modern Rap and R&B can be summarized short with this song. As much as I am a sucker for fun stuff like Fetty Wap in 2015, I prefer the darker stuff to lean more on the bigger and moodier side. Kendrick Lamar and Dreezy are great example of this in Rap music, while in R&B you have SZA and The Weeknd. Most Rap & R&B in the mainstream for me fails in either lacking the charisma, lacking a punch in the production, or fails to care about itself enough to make me care about what they have to say. When it all works out though, you get gems like this:


Lonely people burn like candles

Only we are clean




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I will give this a shot, too.


First, the kind of music I'm always looking for:

Yeah, hard techno-ish stuff.


Then, one of my extremes:

More soft stuff with female vocals and whatnot.


Finally, the other extreme:

More on the hardcore side.


From these, I can enjoy most genres that are in-between, like happy hardcore, trance, videogame music, ambient, house, etc. I do rarely go too far from electronic or doujin stuff.

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Seven Wonders by Fleetwood Mac


Never Get Better by Badass Wolf Shirt


Back to Black by Amy Winehouse


Mine is a strange mix of genres, but these are just three I could think of.

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My 3 are by the same artist but across different genres, and they all have elements of other genres I listen to




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See This Through - Not the Same

Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow

Earshot - Wait

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