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A School of Villains [IC/Not Accepting/PG-16]

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"Forgive me for my ignorance in hominoida affairs, but you surely can't blame me for not realizing there was a roboticist on this premises with skills worthy of such attention. After all, I'm sure if he was as great as you claim him to be, I would have noticed his work by now!"


Was this individual just blatantly blind? Could he not just see work that Cagey put into certain areas of this school's campus? This made Victor quite uneasy, how could someone not understand his greatness like this?


"As much as I hate to admit it, he has a point. Unless you're a villain or his direct enemy, Dr. Cagey's not one to take the spotlight. He did like, only three 'take over the world' attempts, it's not something most people would notice."


"I suppose you may be right, Akira." Victor exhaled slowly, running his hands through his hair slightly. "Nevertheless, I would be shocked that there would be someone in this world who happens to not know of Dr. Cagey. Regardless of the take over the world attempts, the subtle strides that he's made in the area of technology, even not being in the spotlight would be known of at least."


"Still, maybe during a free period, we should introduce you. I'm sure you'd like him."


Now this was an idea that was one Victor could definitely get behind. Why speak of Cagey's greatness, when this individual could just straight up meet him? A small smile appeared on his face, nodding over at Akira. "I believe that might be the best idea you've had. Mere words aren't enough for Dr. Cagey...it's better to have the eyes behold him."


Victor glanced back towards the scuffle that had happened, before smirking. "Oh, and by the way, Akira. I'll take my money whenever you can give it."








"I like the sound of that. Let's go pay our horned friend a visit."


"It's settled then." Mandy smiled, getting up from her seat as well. She turned over towards one-horned MaGee...however...


There was a young boy who was sent flying straight into one-horned MaGee's gut and forced him to crash onto the ground. That wasn't all...the guy was also starting to cough up some blood after this explosion slime boy started to get up and even trying to check on the guy he hit.


Oh for the love of... she thought, stopping with a hand on her hip. This wasn't going at all how she was hoping for... If it isn't one thing it's another...and another dumb boy trying to measure their damn dicks...


"Um... nevermind. Should I get the nurse...? Or do we have a healer...?"


"Oi!!" Mandy shouted, making her way towards one-horned MaGee and whoever this exploding boy was. She pointed at the horned guy and spoke again. "Any of you a healer? Or do any of you have the nurse on speed-dial? Cause we got a man down!"

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"Are you dead? Can I eat you?"


Mary was taken from her daydreaming as a girl, with most unusual legs, came to her and spoke. The first thought that came through the girl's head was that this must have been some kind of angel. Eat her? How would she do that? There weren't any fangs...so did she have some kind of acid that would eat at her and and....


"Are you going to force me to pretend to do my job and take you to the nurse? Then again Hachi would hate it if I was late with his lunch, the lazy bastard,"


Oh. She was joking? Mary looked a bit dejected but she smiled at the other girl. "I only just came from the nurse. You don't have to worry I shall be just fine." In order to prove this she got back to her feet and extended her hand, wiping the sweat subtly against her skirt beforehand, and offered the girl a handshake. "My name is Mary and it's very nice to meet you." She noticed the symbol the spider girl had on and asked curiously. "Are you on the Disciplinary Committee? I was quite interested in looking into it..."


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"I, ahem, I must take my leave. Excuse me, Vix'us, excuse me, DATA CORRUPTED I should go now, lunch, food...school stuff."


Vix watched as the girl left the room, only to have her replaced by another human in some sort of armor coating.  He held a cleaning utensil as if it were a weapon.  


"Pardon me, ladies and Vol'thoo'maran. There is a grue in this restroom, and I've been tasked to clean its miserable existence from this fine school. I must lock down the restroom to prevent its escape, and must ask that you lot vacate the room immediately."


Vix'us looked on, and was glad that he wasn't about to be punished for being in the opposite gender's restroom.  A most heinous crime on his planet, but that would explain why he was a villain now.  Would his people look on him in shame now?  Vix'us nodded towards the man, and left the bathroom laxly.  As the door swung shut behind him, he wondered what in the universe a "grue" even was.  It probably wasn't anything he couldn't have handled by himself...and a human with a mop wasn't exactly a step above Vix'us.  He sighed, as he wandered the halls of the school, getting a glance of Mary talking with another student.  He decided not to intrude on the new conversation, and walked the opposite way.  He wasn't hungry anymore...not after what happened with that Ryuuken.  

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"Hey, cheer up, sport," Randall turned to the gun girl, a tinge of hate in his eyes. "At least he can go get another pudding." Randall simple sighed. He was too defeated right now to put this bug in her place. 


"Whatever..." He said, clenching his fist. He was angry, although not at anyone else. He was mad at himself. All this talk he had about being the best, only to be humiliated like that by some raisin looking motherfuc​​ker?  It was a hard pill to swallow, but he wasn't the top dog of the school. He'd have to get stronger. He slammed his fist onto the table, causing it to dent.

However, his scowl shifted into a smile. "So this is what it's like, huh?" He turned to the ceiling. "You better watch your a​ss, Ryuuken! One day I'll squash you like a bug!" He roared, laughing maniacally. It was a weird feeling, he was still pissed off. And yet, he was more motivated than he had ever been.




As the two made their way towards the horned boy, some other brute showed up, slamming into their target and... blowing them up? Was everyone in this school a careless idiot? Natalia shook her head, crossing her arms. As Mandy started calling for some sort of healer or medic, Natalia went up to the boy, getting a closer look at him. "We should probably get him to a nurse..." She considered lifting him up and taking him to the nurse's office herself, but she wasn't exactly the strongest physically. She shifted her glare towards the boy that caused this. "Somehow I don't trust you to take him there in one piece." She returned her glare back to the horned boy. "Hey, you think you can walk? I can take you if you can..."

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Rain stepped forward, leaving the two girls there a reassuring remark as he passed them by. “You don’t need to worry, it’s not too serious.” The feminine boy knelt next to the fallen white-haired member of the Disciplinary Council. He made a small gesture with one of his hands, and a small disc-sized portal appeared instantly. Prin- I mean, sir. I believe this will help a bit with the pain.” Reaching in, he pulled the neck of a bottle of whisky out, before realizing his mistake. He immediately tossed it back inside and grabbed a small jar of a different liquid instead. It was a slightly expensive drink that numbed pain while revitalizing the other senses. Rain had bought it off some ex-military a few years ago. While this was probably a poor investment in all logic, at the least, it would serve to get on this Disciplinary Council member’s good side. Not to mention, Rain was still quite… interested in his looks as well.

“This will get him off his feet for now. I can handle it from here. I’ll escort him to the nurse’s office afterwards once he’s a bit steadier.”

He paused, facing Natalia. Rain didn’t really want to waste time on these two nobodies, but this would probably help his own case. “My thanks to you and the other girl,” Rain made a small motion towards Mandy off to the side “, for being at least somewhat responsible, unlike a clear certain few others around at the moment.”


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Elita hummed happily as she watched the chaos running through the school cafeteria, her hands lazily folded in front of her as she did. The fighting, the mess created by everyone... It was enough to cause a lesser being to flinch. But her? No, she knew this was part of the deal.
Seeing these people so mercilessly attack each other should have unnerved her at least a little bit. So much violence in such a short span, people getting killed, maimed, or worse, expelled should have caused her to have second thoughts about why she was here in the first place, but even when the worst of things seemed to happen...
There was a light in the darkness. A sudden punch from the number one in the school had sent some boy flying across the cafeteria! Elita snapped to attention as she adjusted her bag over her shoulder, watching as the white haired boy was crashed into. A brief flash, an idea ran through her mind...
"Um... nevermind. Should I get the nurse...? Or do we have a healer...?"
"Any of you a healer? Or do any of you have the nurse on speed-dial? Cause we got a man down!"
Elita was about to respond, but she was beaten to the punch by two others it seemed. A girl with a cat hat... Or maybe just a cat wearing a girl costume? The other girl seemed a little less confusing, clearly not a cat, in any case. She tilted her head a little bit as she walked over to the injured boys, a small smile on her face as she listened to the calls for help.
"Hey, you think you can walk? I can take you if you can..."
Elita held a hand up into the air, "Hello, allow me..." As she was about to kneel down besides the white-haired boy, another girl walked between them. For a brief moment, annoyance flashed across her face as she looked down at the interfering body... 
“This will get him off his feet for now. I can handle it from here. I’ll escort him to the nurse’s office afterwards once he’s a bit steadier.”
"Ah! If you'll allow me a brief moment, I can help to make sure he does not pass out. I have some... Healing capabilities of my own." She gave a little smile to Rain, offering him a little bow of her head as she placed a hand on the fallen boy's forehead. Her other hand fell down to rest on his stomach, Elita's eyes closing as she mumbled underneath her breath. If the few others close to her were actually listening...


"Oh forgotten Goddess, please allow your light to return to this lost being. Let your connection absorb his pain, and bring peace to his soul..."


As she spoke, her hands seemed to shake, wobbling a little bit as she lifted them up from his body. The pain that had been lingering in his system seemed to have lifted enough for him to support himself once again. Elita rose up and settled herself down on a seat, a little sigh escaping her as she opened her eyes, "He should be able to walk sooner, with the combined efforts. It'll be easier to help any larger injuries if he can walk himself there."

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"Oh, well, then if you're busy, let's make it quick then."


"Arleigh" blinked, keeping her expression from changing as Ryuuken's target was sent sprawling. Without missing a beat, she hopped up and made a break for exit, glancing over her shoulder to see where Ryuuken's attention was. Confident in her moment, she slipped into the hallway, briskly walking away. She planned to simply loop around as she waited for the clock to tick down, hoping that the "strongest" student would be occupied for the remainder of the period.


However, she grew bored within a couple minutes. "Arleigh" was not a form that she especially enjoyed, despite the quality of the disguise... which, the shapeshifter now realized, had gone entirely to waste by fleeing. Puffing her cheeks out in a very non-Arleigh fashion, she turned around and returned to the cafeteria with only a few minutes to spare, allowing the thrill of being hunted out to excite her. She was unsure of what Ryuuken would do to her, but she was equally sure that winning by fleeing would be less than fun, especially if he hadn't even noticed her attempt.


Taking a seat not far from the action, she watched as a bystander was treated by a trio of healers, cocking her head slightly, just enough to be "Arleigh-like"... or, at least, what she felt was Arleigh-like. Casting a cursory glance to Ryuuken, she held back a smile as her heart beat fast from the fear, finally losing just a small amount of control as she bit her lip.


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