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Secret Agent Man(SPYRAL deck)


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    Desperate Sellout

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Maxx C x1


SPYRAL GEAR Last Resort x2

SPYRAL Quik Fix x3

SPYRAL Sleeper x2

SPYRAL Super Agent x3

SPYRAL Tough x2

SPYRAL Master Plan x2


Machine Duplication Factory x3

Raigeki x1

Reinforcements of the Army x1


SPYRAL GEAR Fully Armed x2

SPYRAL Resort x3

Terraforming x3


Solemn Strike x3

SPYRAL Gear Utility Wire x2



Abyss Dweller x1

Castel x1

Daigusto of Emeral x1

Heroic Champion Excalibur x1

Lyrilusc - Assembled Nightingale x1

Ragnazero x1

Utopia x1

Utopia the Lightning x1

Tornado Dragon x1

Code Talker x1

Decode Talker x1

Linkuriboh x1

SPYRAL Double Helix x3

Posted Image
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you need a One For One for the 1.5 card combos with Quick Fix


also a Master Plan to Summon off Helix's effect, to search MISSION Rescue (which you will then discard with Quik Fix to get its Reborn effect), and then to use as Link Material to trigger its massive search of a SPYRAL monster and a Resort, so basically searching 2 SPYRAL monsters.


also no reason not to run 3 Terraforming, since it's basically ROTA for the entire archetype. No HOPTs either


I think you should run 3 Big Reds since it's a big part of the combos you tend to do with Quik Fix. Searchable Prem Burial, why not run 3?


MISSION Assault looks like a kinda bad card to me, but I see no harm in running 1 for the summon from hand, if you really want to.


Pretty sure you don't need 3 tough and 3 super agent


I think you could make do with just 1 Utility Wire. It looks like it bricks.


Fully Armed is a bad card imo. 


Misty is unsearchable and doesn't really do enough for the deck. I think you should drop it.


Gandiva is a terrible card, plz don't run it. Run more Links imo, this is an excellent Link Deck, but I'm no expert.





Anyway, I'm going to build SPYRALs online to see what card choices are important. I'll be back with better info.



    Desperate Sellout

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Added in Master Plan

Added a 3rd Terraforming and Machine Duplication Factory

Added a 3rd Solemn Strike and MISSION Rescue

Added 2 more Big Reds

Added a 3rd Helix


Dropped a Fully Armed and both MISSION Assaults

Dropped 1 Utility Wire

Dropped Gandiva

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The Highlander

The Highlander

    The One

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Fully armed is ok ... if you play only 1 copy, considering it is really powerful and one usually does not really need all of the quick fix searches, I recommend playing it at 0-1.

I am not sure you should plya 3 big red, given that you are not going to play 3 of your turns without either losing or having messed up.

Wire should be a 1-off as well, quick fix can ALWAYS access it with the double helix combo and you can only really use 1 with the combo anyways.

You could also replace 1 master plan with 1 drone, given that it can be used with fix and firewall as another searchable body nad that you can always get out your 1 master plan anyways.

On top of that foolish burial and oolish burial of belongings are not awful techs, given that belongings is effectively an archtypal monster reborn (which uses a card without any once per turn restrictions) and foolish burial in itself can mill fix, reviving it and searching drone to be a guaranteed way of getting out double helix while checking the top card for double helix into masterplan.

Beyond that left arm offering could be a cute/actually cool tech, considering machine dupe + quick fix (which is effectively at 9 due to terra at 2, resort at 3 (without any opt restrictions) and itself + foolish burial).

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[email protected]

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I am not sure you should plya 3 big red, given that you are not going to play 3 of your turns without either losing or having messed up.

Oh right I didn't realise Big Red had a HOPT. You don't need to play 3 you're right.


So I built this deck and it seemed to me that the biggest problem was summoning the Drone that you search off Quik Fix. So I would actually recommend running 1 Assault and 3 Foolish Burial Goods. If you don't need Assault's effect, you can just mill Rescue and get a monster reborn. 3 Double Summon also seems to be necessary.


Honestly I thought that SPYRAL would very consistent due to how much search power it has but there are two major things holding back a lot of the effects. They either

1. Require you to control Super Agent


2. Require you to know what type of card is on your opponent's deck.


1. is mostly just Quik Fix's grave effect, but it comes up a lot and basically means that you have to be able to Summon Double Helix to do anything. This makes outside engines not very good, since they aren't counted as SPYRALs so eat up resources to Summon Quik FIx.

2. just means that you need to resolve either Drone or in a pinch Super Agent's effect in the hand.


and the root problem behind both 1 and 2 is the Normal Summon reliance of the deck. Extra Terraforming (Set Rotation) could allow you to access Super Agent and Quik Fix, but unless you got lucky with Super Agent, that only solves problem 2, not 1.


Maybe some way to get a SPYRAL in the grave would be worth it, since then you could search Big Red and Summon that, but unless your SPYRAL in grave is Drone, that would only solve problem 1, not 2. Although if it was Master Plan you could search Agent.

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