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I felt like doing a reference, also this is Arc-V


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There are a few changes to this duel, just to point out. If you notice anything different, this is why.


Shun rounded the corner. 800 life points left. Time to make his next draw count. "Whats wrong shun? Cant take the heat?"Dennis cackled as his monster towered above him. He placed his hand on his deck. "Please, for the fate of the universes, make this draw count!" He roared as a golden light erupted from his deck. He looked at the card he was holding. "Its here! Do you see it Dennis? My power! My power is taking flight!" Dennis looked at shun, confused. "I activate Rank-up-Magic, Doom Double Force!" 

"WHAT?" Dennis roared.

"This is it Dennis! I activate Rank-Up-Magic Doom Double force, Return from the shadows, Raidraptor Rise Falcon! Now, i overlay my rise falcon!

Arise! Avian from the stars, take flight, take control, make this duel go my way!




RAIDRAPTOR - SATTELITE CANNON FALCON!" the huge mechanical beast appeared from the swirling whirlpool and rose up. "I activate Satellite Cannon Falcons effect! By using 1 overlay unit, i reduce your monsters attack for every Raidraptor monster in my graveyard! THE POWER OF OUR FALLEN COMRADES! This is it! Spiralling Cannon!" A huge cannon wave spiralled towards Dennis's monster, and its attack and defence were reduced to zero.

"My Avians wings are filled with an awesome power! Its Ultimate power tells me to defeat you! Take this! My Pain, My Anger, AND ALL OF MY SORROWS! SHINING WING!"

The Huge avian arose to the skies, and began to make its high-speed landing. its wings shining, as it flew straight into dennis's monster, making it crash to the ground. "GAAAAAHHH!!" Dennis roared as the shockwave knocked him off his bike, and reduced his life points to 0.


So yeah if you didn't notice this is a reference to G Gundam i made, WITH THE HELP OF KYOJIIII

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