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Suggestion: Unlimited Reps Day

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Dear mods,


I suggest we have an annual holiday in which the limit on the amount of likes you can give that day is completely removed (or at least increased to an excessively high number, like a million or something). Let everyone have a LIKABLE day!


Yours faithfully,


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Are likes are limited? How many can we give out in a day?

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I'm not sure as to the exact number, but I have hit the daily rep limit once or twice. Apparently the rollover is at about 2 AM PST, though, which is kinda weird.
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Are likes are limited? How many can we give out in a day?


For most of you, it's somewhere between 16-24. Legendary members have the upper boundary of this. 


Staff members can give up to 100, but rarely have we ever broke that. 



But either way, voting no on this one because rep abuse really shouldn't be a thing, even for a day. That, and it would require having to modify everyone's permissions in the ACP to do that [and recall how many groups we have now].

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Yeah, I'm gonna have to go ahead and vote no as well. Who needs rep abuse these days? We don't even have enough members as it is.


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I would vote yes if it wasn't, as Sakura said, a pain in the ass to implement.




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The only people who would exceed the limit that is already in place are people who are intentionally trying to abuse the system.

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Gonna have to vote no, cause I never rep.

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