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Make a Spell/Trap Card Game

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Experiment Fusion


This card is always treated as "Polymerization." Special Summon from your Extra Deck 1 Fusion monster using monsters on your Field or in your Hand as materials, and if you do: Send 1 Effect monster from your Hand or Field to the GY: The Summoned Fusion monster has its effect replaced with the printed effect of the sent monster.


How about a Trap that punishes Hand Traps OR Solemns



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Malicious Gifts
Continuous Trap
(Quick Effect): You can activate this card from your hand, but you cannot Summon monsters with Quick Effects this turn. Once per turn, if your opponent activates a monster effect from their hand: You can negate that effect, then Special Summon that monster to your field in Defense Position with its effects negated.

Hierarchal Summon Art - Infinite Shadow
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November/December AGM Deck Challenge:
Burn damage OR single-card support!
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Hierarchal Summon Art - Infinite Shadow
Continuous Trap
You can target 1 DARK monster you control that was Normal Summoned/Set or Special Summoned by this card’s effect; Special Summon 1 DARK monster from your Deck in Defence Position whose Level is 1 higher than that target, then shuffle that target into the Deck. You can only use the effect of “Hierarchal Summon Art - Infinite Shadow” once per turn.

Next: A Spell/Trap that requires the Tribute of a monster with a specific Attribute other than DARK.

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