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Yu-Gi-Oh! Codex of Shadows [IC / PG-13 / AC /Co-Host: Zaiduck]

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I'll activate my Trap now! Sachi reached forward as Cadence declared her attack, her hand darting out, and resting on the card-


An Error message appeared on the table surface beside the card, flashing red briefly before flicking off again. Sachi's brain scrambled, completely thrown off guard, before she remembered: Her Fortune's Gift Trap required her to have a monster in the graveyard. And her graveyard was empty.


No... I forgot! She thought, seeing her monster vaporize before rising on Cadence's side of the field again. Now Sachi, her father's voice rattled in her head. You must be mindful. It doesn't pay to forget details. Not like me. I can't remember any details anymore.


Sachi sat frozen as her monsters all shattered into pieces, her Life Points plummeting as she stared wordlessly down at the table. Only the flickering light beside her deck signaled it was even her turn.


"I... draw." She saw the card and hastily acted, trying to not think about what had just happened. "I play Monster Reborn, bringing back Fortune Lady Light!" Her monster returned, instantly losing her aura of light as Zombie World took effect, shrouding her in blackness. "I sacrifice Light to summon Fortune Lady Earth-"


"ERROR" flashed up beside her monster again, followed by an image of Cadence's Zombie World card. "TRIBUTE FOR NON-ZOMBIE MONSTER PROHIBITED." Sachi drew her hand back sharply from her card, her fingers shaking. "I... I made a mistake," she said quietly, looking like she had just been slapped across the face, barely keeping it together.


"Pathetic," Jin sighed, turning away. He bumped into the green-haired girl from earlier, and he drew back, frowning. "Ah, you again, eh?" he asked Hotaru, raising an eyebrow. "I would think you'd realize this duel has nothing to offer... But then, you thought these antiques..." He gestured to the Battle Boxes. "... were impressive enough, so what do I know?" He caught sight of Hiyaki, and narrowed his eyes when he saw his colleague was taking a look at the one Jin had marked as his quarry. He gave a flat glare from across the room, the meaning clear: Back off.






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