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[Written] Performapal Pendulum Ringmaster

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Performapal Pendulum Ringmaster
Link: DL, D, DR
3 Pendulum Effect Monsters
Must be Link Summoned. Increase this cards ATK by 500 for each Pendulum Card in your Pendulum Zones. Once per turn: you can Special Summon 1 Pendulum Monster from your GY or face up from your Extra Deck to a zone this card points to (this Special Summon is treated as a Pendulum Summon.) When this card leaves the field while their are Pendulum Cards in both of your Pendulum Zones, you can add up to 3 Pendulum Monsters from either your GY or face up from your Extra Deck to your hand. You can only activate this effect of "Performapal Pendulum Ringmaster" once per turn.
ATK/2500 LINK-3

So Ringmaster acts as a Pendulum Support card in link format where you can easily summon this through a Pendulum Summon where it opens 3 zones, becomes a 3500 beastick while you have both Pendulum Cards in your Pendulum Zones and can recycle Pendulum Monsters for more Pendulum Summons when it leaves the field.

Effectively it also can be nice in bringing back Extra Deck Pendulums when they returned face up to the Extra Deck allowing to recycle and resummons stuff like Odd-Eyes Rebellion, Odd-Eyes Wing and Odd-Eyes Venom Dragon.
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