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[DPR] Because Gargoyles apparently make for a cool Stun mechanic

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    It's pronounced "Eeshay"

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Gargoyle of the Sanctuary

EARTH - Level 4 - Fiend/Effect - 2000 ATK/1100 DEF

If the turn player adds a card(s) from their Deck to their hand, except by drawing them during the Draw Phase, for the rest of the turn, neither player can add a card(s) from their Deck to their hand. If this card attacks, negate its effect until the end of your opponent’s next turn.

If you don't know, Protector of the Sanctuary is a peculiarly old card that just says no drawing outside of the Draw Phase. Usually, that's used with Disturbance Strategy, where it reload's your opponent's hand, but then don't because they can't draw cards so they end of with an empty hand. Protector of the Sanctuary is also an EARTH Fiend, so then I thought Gargoyles and then I thought of the second effect.
This card can be used a couple ways. It can be a 2000 ATK beatstick if you want it, or stun your opponent's Deck thinning if you need it. Not much else to say other than that this card might be enough to mainstream Disturbance Strategy if it was released.
EDIT: Made the card not be able to use Disturbance Strategy until they actually add a card to their hand. It's also a bit less punishing if you Special Summon it in response to a search. 

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It, could easily shut down decks since they're so search/draw-heavy nowadays. The effect negation while attacking part is really interesting and really makes you careful on deciding whether to attack with this card. Overall, it would be a good addition to any Stun Deck. 

imo, this is a stronger Rai-Oh/Mistake since it doesn't just prevent adding to the hand, but also drawing them--meaning the only way each player can get anything in their hand is with their Normal Draw. 

I'm not sure what else to say, but since its stats as a Level 4, EARTH, and Fiend have other things that can help get it. Yeah, I dunno, I like it.

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