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[Written] Charmeleon Archetype (Messing Around With Attributes Once Again Like With Holloworlds)

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The Charmeleon Archetype are a group of Reptiles that Link Summon using specific Attributes. Each Charmeleon are 6 different Attributes with the 7th able to change into any of ALL Attributes, even DIVINE. This is technically NOT a DIVINE monster but it has the ability to become a DIVINE monster.

Each Charmeleon monsters have GY effects only thus enabling Snake Rain to fully take effect. Of course, each effects are only allowed 1 use per turn.



Extra Deck

More of the Links will come later.



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Bump + 5 more Link Monsters.



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How do you put tabs on pages with multiple cards I haven't figured that out yet.

​Otherwise cool concept, I wish Konami would make more Reptile archetypes.

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How do you put tabs on pages with multiple cards I haven't figured that out yet.

​Otherwise cool concept, I wish Konami would make more Reptile archetypes.


more content
[spoiler=Title2]even more content





Also, friendly reminder, Advanced Clause is a thing.



Firstly, REPTILES!!!11!!!1!


Like the dual effect choice when sent to the GY, but the problem is that for each card, it's really only one effect. At least, pretty sure that's how it works. Meaning the HOPT does not let you choose between them. The only immediate solutions I see are putting in two GY effects (which is even more repetitive) and giving it a "twice per turn" HOPT, which allows for more versatility...but could still be much more of a problem. Also wish I saw the "non-Attribute" effect more for said GY effects, as the archetype is rather fast as it is, but that could still require so much swarming.


Wish more cards than Camochanger modulated their own Attribute, but what can you do. Also, when thinking of Chameleons, I imagine them changing color to match something else, so it's a shame that you don't have something like a setup form of environment that allows your Charmeleons to change to match it, i.e. a collection of Continuous Spells each matching certain surroundings that allow you to target any number of Charmeleons to change to a corresponding color/Attribute. At least the MD monsters still decently setup speed for an archetype, if not much else. The few Koomy-esque effects could easily be changed to be more flavourful.


For the S/T, just a friendly reminder that sending a cost (between the colon and semicolon) is NOT sending by a card effect, meaning cards like Thermaleye and Camouflage DO NOT trigger Rainforest's counter placement. Ah well. Don't really see how the field will work by sending 7 monsters to the GY in order to Trigger its effects, as...oh. Extra Link. Right. Huh. But even then, I don't see how you're going to banish a DIVINE monster from your GY, and if you're not...the Field's effect is confusing anyway. Please explain what it's meant to do for us lesser mortals ^^ Both Stealth and Camouflage are great support, but I was hoping at least that if the monsters didn't change Attribute, the S/T would. Now we still only have Camochanger.


I see you took the Extra Link focus idea with the ED rather than just enabling plays...and I do like the Links. It's just a shame they STILL DON'T CHANGE ATTRIBUTES LIKE CHAMELEONS DO. It's just a flavour issue in regards to that; a missed opportunity that I think could've worked great and can still work if you redo the archetype, but I can understand if you're happy with what you have. Just a recommendation. Most the Links are fine, so at least a good job there. Changesneak also hints towards the missed theme, and as it stands...it's ridiculously hard to activate his win condition. I mean, even more so than normal, as the only way to get DIVINE is with Camochanger, meaning you're going to Summon said card AFTER Changesneak or the LIGHT Link, and it's going to be near impossible to get a full Link field with little to no recovery means. Basically unachievable atm. Which is a shame, because I LOVE THIS ALTERNATE WIN CONDITION. In fact, I love Changesneak in general. Bootiful.


Perhaps some more protection in the form of support, but outside of reworking the archetype to fit with the hinted theme that doesn't actually get implemented, I don't have any serious changes. Just please don't try and force in Attribute Modulation as an aside, as right now they don't really have an achievable win condition. Either make it less awesome and hard (cri), or try and get the archetype to actually work towards it.



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(The AC reminders are my job, Dova,)


But yeah, all members who post in this thread are subject to Advanced Clause. So for ABC_GUN, please follow this in the future; compliments are fine, but also must come with proper reviewing. (You already write out prompts in your own singles, so you can write a review)

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