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Draining Ogre [Written]

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Draining Ogre

FIRE [Beast / Link / Effect] 4000/LINK 6

Down-Left, Down-Right, Down, Left, Right, Up.

3+ Monsters

Cannot be used as a Link Material. Monsters whose effect is negated can be treated as 2 Link Materials for this card's Link Summon. You can only control 1 only control 1 "Draining Ogre". Negate the effect of face-up monsters this card points to.


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^Localized version of Skill Drain. It works at the Main Monster Zone by pointing both sides, and it works at the Extra Monster Zone by pointing to 3 zones down, and an opponent's zone for that time you might be able to negate an opponent's monster's effect.


You cannot ladder out of it via Link Summon after you get your fill though, so be ready to Tribute Summon or something.


You can combo it with "revive X negated" effects like Junk Synchron, with Skill Drain, with Numeron Force, with Lose 1 Turn, or Axe of Fools. That way you  only need 3 monsters to make this.


The idea is to Summon cards like Beast King Barbaros or Fusilier Dragon the Dual Mode Beast, and have them retain their stats.

You can also steal cards with an all encompassing effect (like Jinzo) via Mind Control and turn them off temporarily. Or you can make use of the localized drain via Senet Switch to go in and out.


It is rather casual, but tell me what you think?




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