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Skull Servant Support(Because I find it fun)

Zombie Skull Servants Hand Trap


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So I really like playing Skull Servants, and I thought, "Hey, these guys are really fun! Shame they don't have a full archetype though..." Then I remembered that I have an account here, so here we are!








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I think these deck is nicely designed, but I also think this is too much support.


Skull servants are doing fine with the support they have, honestly speaking, and when you start putting in cards like wight knight and court of the wight in the deck, it kinda blows out of proportion.


On the other hand, other cards, like crest are pointless. While it's true that the wight monsters are more useful now, if you're going -1 for a search, at least include the one card you actually want to search (King)...


Judgement is nice negation, quite useful.


I wouldn't use skull shield, as it's pointless. There is no point to it besides giving lady some protection so that it continues to give king protection, either that or stall. It's not a bad card, but SS are based on offense, not defense, and it feels out of place. I might run it at 1, but probably not. I would find it interesting if it were a trap card, something like:


"Target one zombie skull servant or wight monster. Until the end of the turn, it gains 500 def for each skull servant in your graveyard, and cannot be destroyed."


So that you could at least bait your opponent into attacking before screwing them over and dealing a sizable amount of damage. But in all honesty, this card is even worse, since it's temporary and requires a turn just sitting there.


I would not use any of the newer SS unless I was using a SS deck specifically based around sending massive amounts of them to the graveyard. The old merchant builds, and the newer grass looks greener, and I had 3 of each of the other ones (King, normal, mare, lady, prince, princess, and knight)


Lord has very few times when he would actually be discarded. He's pointless, and should be considered a vanilla with some mild protection.


Jester is interesting, but you have to have him out for at least a turn before you can drop prince from your deck. Knight acts on enemy s/t, so either they activate the s/t anyway, giving a free foolish, or they don't use s/t, which is quite nice. You'd very rarely get jester's effect off, even mathematician is better, and people are not using him nearly as much as they used to. Unizombie is definitely better, but you have 3 of him already anyway. 


Hound is useless. Beyond useless. Unlike the norm, he's not specifically mentioned on a card, so the only reason to use him would be to grave him and have the extra 1000 on king. 1000 attack is nothing. Using your normal summon or your mezuki on it would be a waste of resources, and his effect, allowing it to attack again? WHat exactly do you think it would attack? Directly? Just place a vanilla 2000 beater and it'd do better. Unless you have 3 of every other one of the 9 (Does one really need more than 27 skulls in any conceivable deck? Even merchant builds don't need that many.) don't use him. Going -1 for that is like going -1 for the sake of going -1 (One to NS, then 1 to discard, -2 total, and wasting a NS.) (Which is not useless on its own, if you want to get rid of any prince in your hand, but it is bad.) If you really need the -1, you can go with dwd or hand destruction, both allowing you to draw and such. 


For jester, knight, and crest, they'd be better off sending any zombie monster to your grave (They're not that powerful). Court is a bit OP so it's better off as is.


Overall, I would use court and I would use knight, maybe judgement, but nothing else. In truth, what wight needs are cards that activate from the graveyard (Like prince or mezuki), cards that send banished cards to the grave (Like burial. Actually, burial and a couple miracle dig is fine, they don't need more, especially with omega. In the ocg, burial is at 3, so it's not needed there either.) and cards that send massive amounts of cards to the grave, like lawn mowing and merchant. But you know, they're plenty powerful as is (There's a reason Lawn mowing is 1), so most of said cards would be overpowered, and thus, hit by the banlist. I really think that if there was a wight version or spell version of magical merchant, SS would be getting OTKs everywhere. In fact, lawn mowing is kinda like a spell version of magical merchant.



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Yeah, now that I think about it, I wasn't really thinking anything through when I made these cards. I see what you're saying now, but part of the reason I made Lord of the Wight negate Banishing was because of Invoked decks, and getting a boost for your King from negating. Also, completely misunderstood Official Card Grammar when I wrote these. With further understanding, they all should have said "Skull Servant" monster or "Wight" monster... Thanks for the info.

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