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Any Altergeist players out?

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Altergeist is my favourite archtype, because i like stun decks, and it's one of most flexible archtypes in entire game,because you can rush Altergeists with invoked, spellbook, windwitch, shaddoll, kaiju and gem-knight engine.
I actualy have 2 builds, one with invoked and one with kaiju engines.

-3 meluseek
-3 silquitous
-3 marionetter
-3 kunquery
-3 invoker
-2 magical exemplar
-1 maxx c
-1 gofu

-2 magical meltdown
-2 invocation
-3 scape goat
-1 soul charge
-1 upstart goblin

-3 personal Spoofing
-3 materialization
-2 Protocol
-2 quaking mirror force
-2 breakthrogh skill

-2 Primebanshee
-2 Hextia
-2 linkuriboh
-1 borreload
-1 powercode talker
-1 decode talker
-1 mechaba
-1 purgatrio
-1 magelancia
-1 cocytous
-1 raidjin
-1 caliga

This deck was not as stunning as next deck, but this deck could easily make strong boards in 1 turn (my favourite board of this deck was 1 linkuriboh in extra deck monster zone 1 honeybot Linked to him, and purgatrio connected to honeybot).Also mechaba helps so much in stunning.

-2 meluseek
-2 silquitous
-2 marionetter
-2 kunquery
-3 gameciel kaiju
-3 radian kaiju
-2 thunder king kaiju
-2 jizukiru kaiju
-3 chocolate magician girl
-2 Dark magician of chaos

-2 Wonder wand
-3 kyoutou waterfront
-2 terraforming
-2 magical dimension

-3 personal Spoofing
-3 materialization
-2 protocol

-1 baguska
-1 utopia
-1 utopia prime
-1 utopia lightning
-1 castel
-2 Hextia
-2 Primebanshee
-1 decode talker
-1 borreload dragon
-1 linkuriboh

My Extra deck isn't complete because i in 70% matches don't summon any monsters from extra deck.
Kaijus are usefull because they are anti-tanks ( mostly gameciel and sometimes radian)and offensive monsters (jizukiru, thunder king and sometimes radian). Chocolate magician girl works well with this deck because of her drawing power and summoning from graveyard (kunquery and dark magician of chaos mostly). Magical dimension active effects of meluseek and silquitous, and also Summons dark magician of chaos.
Dark magician of chaos is harder to summon, but can be used as beatstick.

This are my builds, post your builds bellow, also if you are playing on phone like me tell me which game, because dueling nexus is shooted down and i can't play with new rules.




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Try and find room for 3 Mechabas in your extra deck. If you happen to us Aleister's in-hand effect or discard him with Mechaba you can use Invocation and banish Mechana and the Aleister in grave to make another Mechaba. Invocation return's the used Aleister back to your hand. This guarantees you to always a 3500 beat stick Mechaba or a monster negation.

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