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Thunderer Archetype - Gods of Lightning!

- - - - - thunder dark-attribute special summons duel portal fast and hard punishment


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25 cards? Well, let me tell you a little secret >.> <.< Unfortunately, no deck is ever going to play a Deck filled with single copies of a card. The ideal archetype is around 15~ cards, and this is because A) it's a nice number divisible by 5, but mostly B) that's 45 cards if you run 3 of each, giving you a little room to run some singles here and there of mediocre archetypal cards. Of course, now I'm going to have to look through these cards, and identify the weak points, but that's what reviewing is about.


Nikola is a must have at 3, considering it cannot brick. Indra would also be run at 3, as it grants a search on Normal Summon, and is an instant R4 when combined with Nikola. Piercing damage is just a sweetener. Jediah (When your opponent Special Summons a monster(s) for their 3rd or more time this turn: ... this is probably bad OCG, but still clearer than yours imo) is a great counter for spammy Decks, and in this Link era, most decks are going to be SSing 3 or more times, so this card at 3 as well. Enel at 3, because unfortunately, Thunder doesn't get much support, meaning you're going to have to rely on the cards within this archetype. At this point, we're moving down in numbers, so lets grab the other Main Deck cards run at 3. Temple seems to be a key card, giving ATK and damage (last effect is worded weirdly. It implies it activates, but I don't think it should. Do you mean: "When a "Thunder" monster is Special Summoned, it gains 500 ATK until the end of this turn.") Cloudburst is also run at 3, as it's a slower Soul Charge that doesn't limit the Battle Phase.


Heh, as I was reading these, determining how one would build a Deck with these cards, I realized how truly bad some of said cards actually are. But before I elaborate, let's take a look at A Shocking Turn of Events?! . Firstly, WHAT? Just take a look at the card itself; it's a completely generic means of shutting down the field until you choose not to. Your opponent can't even deal with it in monster effects, and you can just wait until the perfect hand, and, if your opponent chains MST, you can just send it to the GY anyway and draw 1 card. I have no suggestions other than completely removing it from the set. It has no place in the current game :(


You call this a punishing archetype; I call this a conditional archetype, and unfortunately, while you would win in the occasional single duel, matches are this Decks bane. Let's take a look at a card like Sajin: Trickstars deal effect damage, but unfortunately, effect damage is otherwise non-prevalent. You have effect damage splashed occasionally among this archetype, but it's not consistent enough to actually be worth it. Hajin and Majin? You need to have your opponent play a Trap during the BP, and you need to have the corresponding card in your hand. This deck neither has the consistency nor hand advantage to make this plausible, yet alone possible. Ozzal is a little more possible in terms of your opponent's plays, but not only does it all it do is actually Synchro Summon the 1 Synchro monster in this Deck, but you need to have the corresponding Level 4 to make it actually possible to Summon said monster. Valkyr robs you of your Normal Summon in exchange for a little bit of ATK and destruction protection, as opposed to all the other means of removal your opponent can pull on you. Zeus and Arges imply a destruction theme, but they're too slow to be usable, and neither is of any use other than a temporary wall if they get destroyed during your opponent's turn. Arges is the slightly better one, but you need to actually somehow get it into the GY before it is usable. Raiju grants a little more speed, and is possible the best card other than the ones I mentioned earlier, but all it grants is a little ATK boost.

Intermission: Theming. You say they're capable of quickly damaging your opponent's LP; I don't see that. You have effect damage somewhere, you have the occasional ATK boost, but it's not consistent. You don't have a real means of damaging your opponent as a whole, and any sort of speed to damage your opponent relies too much on your opponent, meaning unless they play PSYFrames or something similar, you're only going to be able to use monsters as walls during your opponent's turn.


Dance is potentially the worst card in the archetype. It's not searchable, it destroys itself really easily, and it doesn't actually help the archetype. I have GY Summoning effects here! I have effects that Summon from the hand! This archetype barely has any Deck support, and besides, even if it did have a little here and there, placing cards in the Deck only makes them harder to Summon and can hurt your consistency. Core is similar for this same reason, but it also hurts your potential draw for your next turn. ATK gain is reasonable, but not worth it. Converter only works in two scenarios: You control 2 or 1 monsters, and the have to all be Level 4. Your lack of variation in Level makes it completely uninteresting, and hurts it even more, and all it can search apart from another Level 4 is Kolus, who can only be useful in certain scenarios. And considering the "speed" of this archetype, you're rarely going to have an exact number of monsters, not to mention you just happen to have this unsearchable card in your hand. Calm is a bad version of Thunder Sea-horse. A really bad version that restricts your plays even more and forces you to wait a turn simply by opening your stat limitations on what you can search. Energy Overcharge would be dependent on the rest of the archetype, and so for now is bad as well. Spark of Enlightenment isn't as bad, but it is slow, as it requires you to set it and wait a turn before you can use it, and is still vulnerable to removal. Poor Yoda. Wrath has that same problem.


Not going to talk about the Extra Deck monsters for the moment. Not while there are so many other holes in the archetype.


Look, you deserve another review after some changes, but for now this is by no means good. Try and build up a theme together, and imagine ideal plays against other decks. If you want to rely on responding to your opponent's plays, grant yourself more leeway. If you want to deal with burn damage, make it more of a theme. If you want to focus on emptying your field, make sure you give yourself enough more bonuses for the monsters when they leave (like a continuous Spell that did that instead of putting them in the deck for some reason >:3) and give them more speed and opportunities to play during your opponent's turn. Remove cards you don't need, and instead of just making cards to work with names and art, think more about what the archetype needs. Don't be afraid of strength; be afraid of making something no one will play. Whether it is because it is doomed to the lowest of the rogue decks, or completely destroyed by a banlist, you want to make something people can enjoy playing, and playing against :)

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