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Pokemon: Mind and Soul [IC/PG-13/Not Accepting]

Pokemon Adventure A CowCow RP

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    Still don't know what my line was.

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Ivan let out a gasp as Po was sent flying backwards, tumbling on the ground before stopping. "Po...!?" Ivan called out, to no reaction. It was clear that the panda was out for the count, having fainted. "Damn it!" Ivan shouted, recalling Po back to his Pokeball. He was down for the count, unless... "But I just caught..." Ivan let out a sigh. "I-I can't just stand back 'ere are do nothing just 'cause my main mon is down!" Grabbing the other ball, Ivan lunged it at the scene of the battle. "Go, Root!" He called out, the Bellsprout emerging.

Root looked like she had seen better days, although it would be hard to tell by the fiery look in her eyes. It turned to Ivan, almost angry at being caught. Ivan shrugged. "Well ain't you just a ray of sunshine." He said, before the sounds of Malamar's psychic waves caught both of their attentions. Ivan smirked. "Look, I know you ain't the happiest camper, but you see that big oaf?" He pointed at the Malamar. "How about you and me go kick 'is a​​ss, huh?" Root seemed to think about it, before nodding eagerly, ready for another fight. "That's the spirit! Root, use uh..." Ivan checked his Pokedex quickly to see what his new partner had. As he was checking, Root was already charging forward, whipping the Malamar with her vines. "... Vine Whip." He shook his head. "Why do I get all the hot heads?"

contest thingy

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pls rember that wen u feel scare or frigten never forget ttimes wen u feeled happy wen day is dark alway rember happy day



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Genny winced as Etoile flew back from the psychic wave, but forced a grin onto her face all the same. With a flick of her trainer's wrist, Etoile distanced herself from the trainer, hoping to draw the Malamar's tackle away... 
"Monsieur calamar, welcome to our show! Etoile, retournes!"
The Popplio, still in the Malamar's path, was returned to its ball, Genny praying the momentum would keeop it from turning. Tossing up a second pokeball, Fléaur appeared in front of Genny, with a small cry.
"Alright, mon petit fleur, use Absorb on that giant pokemon!"
The little bud tried its best to suck energy from the squid, standing its ground with a determined expression, its trainer holding its and Etoile's Pokeballs in her hand. She gripped them tightly, shakily holding the grin on her face.
I just have to hold on. Don't let Fléaur or Etoile see I'm scared... This bait and switch seems to at least distract that beast, even if neither are very strong.
"Come on, now, don't let us have all the fun, you two!"


You are an insane person and very creative.


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The Malamar flipped as its Tackle met nothing but air, landing back on its tentacle-feet just in time for a barrage of embers to strike its face and a couple vines hit it across the side. It seemed to become a bit unsteady, swaying back and forth, as a third attack struck it. But the Pokemon wasn't quite down yet and it only seemed more angry then before. It turned its body in a slow circle, firing off a Psywave at each of the Pokemon that had attacked it. As it reached a full circulation it seemed to almost fall over but instead it crouched, as though preparing to spring forward.




Naomi, clumsily getting up from a sitting position, backpack hitting her on the head on the way up, looked around at the scene unfolding. There was...a battle? She didn't really want to battle right now but she supposed if the other two she would have to.

The male Grunt laughed as he locked eyes with her. "Guess I get to pay you back for what you did. This'll be quick."


Naomi blinked. "Uh...do I know you?" She asked.


The Grunt's face turned red in anger. "That's it! Zubat, Absorb!" He pointed in Naomi's direction. Something that very much confused her a she hadn't sent out a Pokemon.


She reached down for Princess's ball when Knight popped out of his ball instead, getting in the way of the Zubat's attack and taking the hit. Naomi paused. "Knight? I didn't send'y'out..."


The Hoppip turned to Naomi and gave her a stubborn look. Naomi didn't feel like arguing with her own Pokemon so she shrugged. "Mkay...Absorb it back." She said.


The small pink Pokemon turned back to the Zubat and used its attack, draining a very small amount of energy from the Pokemon.

The Grunt gave a bewildered stare. This was gonna be a slow one.


Alicia scoffed at Oswald. "I was gonna show that drab girl with you what a real trainer is but I guess I'll just have to deal with you instead."

She raised an eyebrow as the bird Pokemon charged in and then, her tone of utmost haughtiness, "Salandit, sweetie, Poison Gas." As Icarus charged towards the lizard Pokemon it discharged a purple cloud of gas out of its body. Icarus flew right through it, causing the gas to cling to its body and Poisoning it as it slammed into the Salandit, which was knocked back by the force of the blow.


Smirking and tossing her hair Alicia gave a second command. "Venoshock."


The female Grunt stood with her hands on her hips as she watched her Zubat hesitate from the Rockruff's Leer. "Of course I have to deal with the Rock type." The girl muttered.


"Go, Supersonic!" the girl cried out and her Zubat let out a harsh noise, sending a visible wave of sound wobbling its way towards Lunar. The girl waited until the Rockruff reacted and, if it dodged, she'd order her Zubat to use Absorb. However if the confusion causing attack landed then she'd instead follow up with Astonish.





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"Fléaur, retournes!"


As the psychic energy hit where the Budew had been, the little bud was safely tucked back in its ball, with Etoile replacing it a little ways away from the impact. As the sealion's shimmer filled the air, Genny bit her lip, nearly drawing blood as she quivered slightly.


I've already pulled that trick twice now. Wild or not, I can't believe it'll fall for the same trick three times in a row... But I have to try, we can't do more than this!


"Alors, use Water Gun!"


Pulling her head back, then flinging it forward, Etoile fired the stream of water at the Malamar. Genny felt her anxiety clearing as it looked like the attack was going to hit... Only for the Pokemon to dodge immediately before Impact. Her teeth sunk deeper in shock, busting her lip as she fumbled to get her ball.


"Etoile, ret-"


But it was too late. The Malamar made contact, sending Etoile flying. As the sealion skidded across the mud, Genny rushed to her. As she scooped her up, oblivious to her bleeding lip and the mud, the tears began to fall onto the Popplio's face, the pokemon giving a weak bwark.


"I'm sorry, baby... Mama'll do better next time..."


Patting the ball to Etoile's head, it returned, and Genny quickly called out Fléaur in her place. Genny snapped her fingers, a shaky look in her eyes growing more determined as she let her accent slip away entirely.


"Alright, Fléaur! Growth, then absorb!"


The Budew let out a dramatic cry, before growing about 30% larger. As the now not-so-small bud began to absorb energy again, Genny glared at the beast. Her plan forsaken, she now wanted to defeat the Malamar, with or without the other two. For her darling Etoile. For her failure. For herself.


You are an insane person and very creative.


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