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Prophecy Breaker Archetype [Legacy]

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Level 3 Tuner, oh boy. Spirit Knight isn't broken, but he's not great either. Bricks very easily, although can do a decent wall...something Reborn Tengu would be better at. At least he's easily Summonable. Geminias is pretty cool, pretty helpful, interacts with your banished cards and is a Gemini so automatically 10/10. 


Like I said, you have plenty of enough banishing. I think you should ditch one of the banishing effects on Infinitus, and give him a more helpful effect. Perhaps an on-banish effect, to fit in with his lore? Nebulon is missing a colon on her last effect, to indicate it activates...and it should activate, as it is rather strong. Not too strong, although I would like to see a different main effect. It's literally the same as Geminias, without any quirk of its own. Solora is...beautiful. Honestly. Beautiful. Not only does it have a very interesting effect of its own, but it also has a decent amount of balance given by you. There are potential killing combos, but they would come off god-like hands, and wouldn't be a general problem. Would love to see more cards like this.


How about some cards that return your opponent's banished cards to their Deck as a cost? Would give you an excuse for more powerful effects.




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Ty for the info, i'll look into making the alterations. Once that's done, I'll finally be able to move on. It's been a blast!

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