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A.Brilliant.Cyber deck


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3x A- Assault Core

3x B-Buster Drake

3x C-Crush Wyvern

2x Gem Knight Lapis

3x Cyber Dragon

2x Gold Gadget

2x Silver Gadget

Maxx "C"

Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit

Blackwing- Gofu the Vague Shadow

Jizukiru the Star Destroying Kaiju



3x Union Hanger

3x Terraforming

3x Brilliant Fusion

2x Twin Twisters

Foolish Burial

Dark Hole

Limiter Removal

Pot of Desires





Solemn Strike


Extra Deck: 15

3x ABC- Dragon Buster

Gem-Knight Seraphinite

Chimeratech Fortress Dragon

Chimeratech Megafleet Dragon

Cyber Dragon Nova

Cyber Dragon Infinity

Heavy Armored Train Ironwolf

Castel the Skyblaster Musketeer

Michael the Arch-Lightsworn

Clear Wing Synchro Dragon

Decode Talker

Proxy Dragon




so to start things up, this is an IRL deck so it only has cards I actually own..  but the basic strategy is normal ABC shenanigens with the Birlliant engine to help speed things along.  The Cyber Dragons are there for monster removal through the extra deck monsters that they create and being level 5 Light Machine monsters they are useful for transmodify to help speed through the ABCs as well as getting them on the field from the deck.  So tell me what you guys think and give me some ideas on how to make the deck better that doesnt involve high priced cards like Ash Blossom and Evenly Matched.  thanks 

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