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Quiet Life


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I have had such a mixed bag with this deck overall.

I have had straight losses to barrier statue decks/pachydyna decks where they have just stopped my removal and then stopped my Special Summons of artifacts.

I have stomped certain meta decks such as magicians and trickstars when going first (yet to face spyral but im certain it's a similar story with scythe), and putting up a great fight against them even going second and even winning in some cases.

I have also stomped HEROes who drolled me twice which was fun.


Tower has put in an incredible amount of work overall. Works great with demise as it takes up the field spell slot instead of a precious s/t zone. It puts knowledge back into deck and nets you a card. It's also a future knowledge target once on the field. 

The spellbook engine may look large but ideally you do actually want to open atleast 2 different spellbook names (with 2 names you can search tower and sack blue boy with knowledge).


scapegoat is scapegoat, a great wincon in some scenarios. 

Crystal wing is a genuine concern but again, going first stomps him out in so many ways and once he's on the field you can still out him with borrel if you bait his negate with something else.


Heavy storm duster is insane in the deck, helping against evenly matched too by destroying your set arts and cucking the opponent's day. For that reason ignition is at three, it both procs your set arts, or disrupts scales/spyral resort and puts more down for you to duster. 


Quiet life has also done it's job of just winning certain games when drawn correctly, narrowing down the opponents options and then leaving the rest to arts and solemns. The deck is built around quiet life as it special summons on the opponent's turn leaving you to happily ns blue boy on your turn (if you have it, if not feel free to borreload/xyz with arts, you can discard blue boy with knowledge anyway if it's not the optimal play).


Overall, whilst it isnt refined enough to break the meta, this sheet is a fun control deck.






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I like the deck. There is something about Artifacts + Cards of Demise stun that fascinates me. I like that you use Spellbook Tower as well, since I once suggested it as part of the Magician-Knowledge engine so it makes me glad to see it can work well.

I'm unsure about the card ratios on the Spellbook engine, though. Wouldn't 3 Magician and 1 less Secrets be better? Since Magician is pretty much a Secrets with a body, although it takes your Normal Summon, but doesn't look you have plenty of monsters that want the Normal Summon.

When running this many Artifact cards, I used to add 1 Beagalltach as well, it helped me by unclogging drawn Artifacts. You could give it a try, too. Then again, you already have Heavy Storm Duster for a similar effect.

Also I think you can take that lone Duality for a 40-card deck. Or IDK, since as a +0 thinner the deck size it's practically the same, and seems the deck is barely affected by the Summon restriction. Is scouting for your next 3 top cards that big of an assist?


By the way, have you considered or tested a Diagram-Master Peace engine or core? True Dracos are among the ones that are barely affected by Quite Life but can still pack a punch.


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