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[Written/DPR] Feel the connection with your opponent with 3 Divination cards

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Here's a series of cards that synergize with each other, but require a bit of luck. They have an effect which doesn't work all of the times, and depends on luck or "connection with the opponent", but they're made so they always do something; also they can search another card if everything works perfectly (spoiler alert: really unlikely to happen.)
They use weird OCG and the "Declare a card type" mechanic, so there will be many mistakes.

Used by Ibuki Uranai in the fanfiction.

Reading Hands, Chiromancy

Spirits from the GY, Necromancy

Cards from the Deck, Cartomancy

EDIT: New Cards
Energy on the Field, Aura of Spirituality

Divination with Coins, I Ching

Entering Minds, Oculomancy

Organizing Arts, Attunement

The Master of Divination

Archetypes I've made so far

I'm also writing a Fanfiction! https://forum.yugioh...nion-cross-dpr/

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