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[Written] Mirage Attack

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Mirage Attack
Trap Card
Activate this card during your opponents Battle Phase. Banish 1 face-up monster you control (until the End Phase); end the Battle Phase, then, inflict damage to your opponent for each Monster they control x 500. If your opponent controls 3 or more Monsters, you can activate this card from your hand.

So Mirage Attack enables you to stop your opponents battle phase along with inflicting damage where if your opponents deck focus on swarm this enables you to play it from the hand. In addition since it banishes until the end of the turn this can be used to move Monsters from your Extra Monster Zone into Main Monster Zones so it opens up Extra Deck Plays.
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The last thing we need is support for burn decks.


"Threatening Roar" already sees some play in Burn decks since it lets you live for another turn. This card is better since it also burns but the only downside is that you have to control a monster to banish. A used "Battle Fader" would work, or "Ancient Gear Hunting Hound" could be a nice tech since it burns on normal summon.


With "Ojama Trio" and "Ojama Duo" you can easily get monsters onto your opponent's field. And "Grinder Golem" may see some play since Extra deck space isn't too tight in Burn. 


Moving the monster out of the main monster zone is a nice bonus but as the card stands now it's just Burn support. And no one like Burn.


Another interesting thing is that the banishing part is a cost so you can get a monster you want to keep out of harm's way not worrying about whether or not your opponent will negate it.

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