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Some crazy Duel Portal moments?

Duel Portal Fail


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I was just wondering if any of you guys have had interesting/crazy experiences while on Duel Portal (i.e. Someone's ridiculously Op deck, cards with accidental edits/missing text or monsters with 12,000 ATK) Just want to hear some good stories and get to know you all :)

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There are some here

If you duel with your cards and have stories to share, then this thread is for you: http://forum.yugiohc...sharing-thread/

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how katio vs mizael should have ended

So, if Yuma forgives Vector for betrayal and evil intentions WAY more often then he should, then why isnn't he doing the same thing with Don 1000? /sarcasm

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There's a ton of them on the DP Discord as well, but it's really up to them to bring those tales over to here.


Most of the current ones involve some Link-based shenanigans with Troymares, least from the screenshots, or some other stuff.

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I had a pretty great duel the other day. I managed to rank up 3 times in a single turn, one of them being through Astral force. I started with a rank 4 and got all the way to a the boss of my deck, a rank 8 with almost complete immunity.




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I was using a junk collector/magical explosion deck


Reasoning was the last card in my hand, and I used it. Junk Collector was the bottom card in my deck, with Magical Explosion right on top. I ended up doing 11600 damage with 58 spellsin my graveyard

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