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Casual Cards FAQ [Updated 6/14/2018]

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By request, I am redoing the guide to this section because the original one came from 2014 when this section was purely Pop Culture and just modified to adapt with the changes at the time. If you are interested in seeing the original version, here you go.
What is Casual Cards?
Put simply, this is a place where you can more/less post whatever cards you want in here; whether they're gimmicky or actually workable. It also doesn't matter if they're Pop Culture or not; anything goes in here. 
Before you post in here though, do look at the rulebook because that explains a lot of the stuff listed below in greater detail. 
(At the time of posting, some of it has been shifted into here.)


Different sections?
When you come in here, you'll notice that there are three ACTIVE subforums in here (which are written in BLUE). They are as following, and are meant for such.

  • Casual Singles: This is technically the main Casual Cards forum (when you first click on the link), and you post single card threads here.
    • For rulebook purposes, this refers to the area that you read the rulebook, this guide and some other important threads. 
  • Casual Multiples: Threads with 2 or more cards, with the exception of Ritual Monsters and their corresponding Ritual Spell, go here.
  • Experimental Cards: Summoning mechanics / card types that currently don't exist in the actual game (including Anime/Manga-only stuff) go here.
  • Workshopping (active as of June 14th, 2018) : Use this section for theorycrafting and working on an archetype PLAN before posting actual cards. 

Retired sections

  • Joke & OP Cards (decomissioned as of March 26th, 2018): Really busted cards, silly stuff and the like go here. In this area, if your card literally breaks the 5000 ATK and DEF threshold, has a really silly effect that makes no sense to gameplay, etc, it goes here.


What kind of stuff can I post in this section?
Outside of cards that promote adult/explicit content, discrimination towards a certain group of people and otherwise have explicative language in their names or effects, you basically are free to post whatever you'd like in this area. 


Any design standards you are held to in Advanced are off in Casual. 


How am I supposed to post my cards?
It's noted in the rulebook, but at a bare minimum, you do need to put the effects underneath if you use pictures. Never assume members can read directly off the card.
In the event that images go out (which they sometimes do because Imgur or whatever host is down) or Imgur is unviewable in certain institutions/countries, it helps to have the rest of the info underneath, like name, Type, Attribute, Level/Rank/Link, etc.
This is a template that I use, but you may modify it or post it your own way as deemed necessary.

Level/Rank | Attribute | Spell/Trap Type | Monster Type | Subtype
Pendulum Scale
Link Markers
ATK/DEF / Link Number
Effect(s) / Flavor Text

What kind of mentality should I have for this section?
Topic creator
Keep in mind that not everyone is going to drop a simple "10/10" rating on your cards, and instead will opt to give critique (or some nitpicks about your works). We aren't trying to criticize your work or make you feel bad, but rather, trying to give pointers so you can improve and eventually move on to the Advanced section. You will receive a combination of praise/compliment posts and some critique posts, which either may say that some things need work or bringing up potential card interactions. If the latter ends up referencing more competitive design, then it's a side effect of many of them posting in Advanced Cards, which does mandate that to an extent. 
Your cards aren't going to be perfect the first time, especially if this is your first time coming here. "Nobody learns without getting it wrong."



Don't give the proverbial finger towards reviewers and ignore their suggestions or reviews. Doing this reduces the chances of you actually getting reviews in the future and gives you a bad reputation for not taking critique. Also, don't demand that members review your stuff. Getting your stuff looked at and commented on is a PRIVILEGE, not a right.


If a member does give you a nice comment or review, please show your gratitude and either thank them in-thread and/or like their post. Remember, we're taking our own time to give your stuff a look. 

Don't be a jackass and be demeaning to a member because their card design isn't great. Remember, Casual Cards is for members to feel free about posting cards; not worry about if their stuff will be broken by Deck #1337 in the metagame. 
While there isn't a rule barring Advanced level critique in this section, you must tone it down to general remarks and not specific interactions with cards. Unless you know their design style and they've been here a while, assume that members DO NOT have a working knowledge of what is currently prevalent in the game. 
You're allowed to drop a simple rating though instead of the thorough reviews. Just make sure it's about the card and not random posting. 



Subject to be updated as needed.

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