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[Discussion] Debates v.s. Discussion


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I don't understand what you're saying here.


This reads to me like "further discussion will result in the topic being moved".  Isn't that the exact OPPOSITE of what's being asked for?

yes, it's the opposite of what's being asked for, but that doesn't make it wrong. it is, in the end, up to you. if a topic heats up, and might well belong in debates, then while it does sound like a copout, it's your call. that's not to say heated discussion can't be in general, but if all you can se in store for said topic is heated discussion, then you may well have to move it to debates.


that being said, it's perfectly fine to have heated discussion in general, but if those discussions go the way of debate level topics (the ones where we post essays at a time, and responses take hours to form from sheer content) then yeah, moving it is not out of the question.


those topics should either be moved more swiftly, or simply be posted in the appropriate sections to begin with.

if you can tell at a glance what topics are going to belong in debates, then that's one thing, but some topics can fit into either camp, depending on where the topic goes. i know that sounds like a nothing statement, but it's as close as i can describe it. some topics that are fine for general, have the potential to be in debates. and until you see where they go on a case by case basis, you won't know.

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