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TCG/OCG Deck Section Rules (Last edited August 14th 2018)


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(_|The New TCG/OCG Deck Section Rulebook|_)



Below you will find the rules for the TCG/OCG Deck section.


Rule #1: YCM Forum Rules Clause


Follow these rules here in this section as you would any other section. If you wish to see these rules, click here.

Failure to comply will result in 1 WP for each breach.



Rule #2: The Jack Witt Clause


Posting of a deck means you are willing to put your deck on the line for the scrutiny of others, as they are treated as both fixing and rating topics. If you do not want or appreciate criticism, then don't post your deck, it is as simple as that. Acting out against constructive criticism is not on.


Failure to comply will result in a warning, to a maximum of two warnings.

Failure to comply after second warning will result in 1 WP for each case of acting out.



Rule #3: The Deck List Clause


Not everyone in this game can tell what a card is just by its (usually very blurry and/or small) image. So for the benefits of those who don't, you are required to include a written deck list for your deck topics with either the proper spelling of card names or a recognizable shorthand version. This deck list must be able to be clearly read and properly spaced.


Failure to comply will result in a 24 hour warning.

Failure to comply with warning will result in 1 WP.



Rule #4: Constructive Criticism Clause (AKA the Don't be a Dick Clause)


It is important for the topic poster that you explain why exactly something may not fit in a deck, or why it needs improvement. Merely saying "You should use X" or "X is bad" without explaining why is incredibly unhelpful, even if it sounds obvious to you as to why. You have to explain your reasons in a respectful manner, as being crass and/or insulting helps no one. Spam likewise falls under this.


Failure to comply will result in a 24 hour warning.

Failure to comply with warning will result in 1 WP.



Optional Rule #5: Theme & Goal Clause


Given that not all decks have an obvious focus, it is highly advised you include what the intended goal of your deck is, so those providing constructive criticism can understand your intention and direction the deck is meant to go in.


This is not a mandatory rule, it is just helpful for both you and others.




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