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[LINK] Vylon Gamma (Not Connected to the Hulk, But a Bomb Nonetheless)

- - - - - BDScustoms thunder machine fairy light vylon effect link synchro


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Let's begin.




Vylon Gamma: Info


Gets to 3000 in the Extra Monster Zone and 2100 in the Main MZ, makes them all Kozmo ships FTW, spams out Vylons from the Deck, Synchro Summons more from the Deck on the Battle Phase, yeah...


But I'm not too certain that this is better than Curious, though, and that really sticks in my craw-I'm aware of how big the LR-3 (Link Rating) Link pool is, and how issue-forming this Deck is on the best day-so I decided to be more forgiving in its Summoning capabilities.


Can't exactly make it LR-2 without it running into competition with Needlefiber though, the ultimate Synchro enabler, and at that point we're fighting for Extra Deck real estate in a way I can't do creatively without either breaking this card or making Fiber look better by comparison-so it became what it became in the upper echelons of Links. You'll need resources behind it to make it work, but that shouldn't be hard.


Oh yeah, I made a typo in the effect and left out a restriction on the last effect-that's fixed, obviously, in the spoiler, and I'll try to fix it in the card as well.


And since I don't want to spoil anymore, let's cut my diatribing here - reviews, revelry, you know the drill, here's hoping Vylon Alpha doesn't wreck you first, its terrible at digging out graves.


BDS, signing off.

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