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[FF-TCG] FFVII Avalance Time!


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Thomas Zero

Thomas Zero

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Forward: 24
2x (6)Cloud [1-187S]
2x (3)Cloud [3-008C]
2x (4)Tifa [1-189S]
2x (2)Tifa [1-016C]
2x (3)Red XII [1-191S]
2x (2)Red XII [1-029C]
2x (5)Vincent [1-094R]
2x (3)Vincent [1-202S]
2x (3)Barret [1-114R]
2x (2)Barret [1-205S]
2x (2)Dark Knight [1-092C]
2x (7)Minerva [3-146H]

Backup: 16
2x (4)Zangan [1-188S]
2x (3)Black Waltz 2 [3-015R]
2x (2)Vivi [3-018C]
2x (1)Invoker [1-011C]
2x (4)Wedge [1-203S]
2x (4)Raubahn [2-093H]
2x (3)Jessi [1-204S]
2x (2)Biggs [1-206S]

Summons: 10
2x (2)Ifrit [2-002C]
2x (2)Ifrit [4-003C]
2x (2)Bahamut Fury [1-190S]
2x (1)Golem [1-106C]
2x (1)Hasmal, Bringer of Order[2-087R]

So with being new to FF TCG where I started with the FFVII Starter deck and when I played the game learning how it works it was fun with some of its interesting mechanics and decided to work on a deck where I will need to work on collecting the rest of the cards to complete this deck (note I added the codes next to the cards so you can look up what each card does.)

This deck being a Fire Earth Deck is focused on fast aggro where you inflict damage to your opponents Monsters while generating a massive field. In addition to this I also set up my forward line up with multiple different same named cards for the use of their Special ability's (which requiring to dump a card of the same name in order to trigger).

In addition Minerva as a trump card being a insane 10000 power Goddess with the options of give all Forward 3000+ for the turn, nullify all opponent Forward Ability's and draw a card is pretty insane.
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