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{AGM} of Dorado/Merger archetype (Bringing Union monsters back)

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OK. Well, I got these guys from the archetype game. Here's the prompt:


Anywho, now that u know how they r supposed to work, here they are!!

of Dorado monsters

of Dorado Spells

Merger monsters

So there you have it. Also, these guys r going in my first ever card pack, once I figure out the name and get @Flash Flyer - Sakura to make the pack art. But Anywho, review is much appreciated!! First time I've ever messed with a Union archetype, I hope I did well!!

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Might want to change those "when this card is sent to the GY" to "if this card is sent to the GY". If you use the former, they will be unable to be activated if they are sent to the GY to activate the cost of a card or mid-chain, OR are sent to the GY as a Material for a Summon. This is because in each scenario the last thing to happen is not the monster being sent to the GY, but the card/effect resolving or the monster being Summoned, and "when" needs to be the last thing to happen. (Exception: Mandatory effects, without "you can", which you do have on some of these cards. They cannot "miss timing" this way.)


Really struck by how generic the main deck monsters are. All of them have an effect that is not bound by Type or Attribute in anyway, and is just a generic plus for you or minus for your opponent. It's not necessarily bad, but it means they are all potentially splashable (Beserker in Beast-Warriors? Summoner granting a Field Spell on going to the GY could very easily become a problem as a monster alternative to Foolish. ) Not a lot of the genericness does seem warranted though, as Summoner, for example, searching a Field Spell...well, this archetype only has one, so why not search it by name? It will see much more use in Decks with multiple Field Spells, or more powerful Field Spells. I see the milling effect listed in the prompt in the monster's effects, but not in how they're actually milled. That seems be lacking in the S/T as well. There also seems to be a lot of drawing, again even among the S/T, and not much searching outside of the Mergers. There's no real win condition among the Dorados by themselves, and as the Mergers aren't really searchable by the main monsters, you've got to hope you luck into them. If you start of with Mergers instead of Dorados, you're still screwed, as the Mergers won't have cards to protect them. Anyway, as for the actual strength of your monsters, Winguard and Summoner are the best, with great protection and SPEED, which is another thing these cards lack. Mage and Berserker aren't bad, but are overshadowed by the aforementioned cards. Useful for non-specific removal, although Mage is somewhat rendered obsolete by Conquest. Knight would be run at 1 or 0, as recycling would only be useful if you were very low down on cards, which would only be late game (if that, as the archetype doesn't mill), and even then, you're just hurting the consistency of your remaining cards. It doesn't even plus you really.


Field Spell granting you a free SS from your Deck should be left as is, as you don't really need stuff from your hand. The fact that it can stack if you have multiple copies and basically directly plusses from your Deck, granting a choice of Mage, Berserker, or even Summoner, makes it automatically the most powerful card in the archetype. Even with Summoner perhaps only being able to search Kingdom, it might make a good engine in a self-Mill Deck, with Summoner getting you Kingdom, Kingdom getting another Summoner, and Summoner getting Berserker or Mage. Conquest is an archetypal, yet good card, so not much to say there. Not a huge fan of Glory, as it is almost a purely better Field Barrier (only protecting your own Field, protects it from targeting, flips your opponent's monsters, gets you draws if you happen to use Dorado monsters. Really, the only upside to Field Barrier is that it prevents your opponent from activating a Field Spell, but it blocks you too, so...Glory still good) And I would suggest reworking it to be less generic and less of an indicator of powercreep. I really don't understand all the generic Field Spell support when you only have one, and it's not even required for any card or effect other than Conquest.


There's not really much to say about the Mergers, other than OMG THEY SEARCH THEMSELVES A LOT AT BASICALLY ANY POINT AND WITH NO OPT WHAT IS THIS???????????? Other than that obvious nerf, they're self-support, and somewhat fit into of Dorado. Rather functional, and they don't make it any worse, so that's something. Not really seeing any sort of lore or any connection other than in their card text (I guess it's written, so you can't really do much with images, but the Mergers just seem to be sort of there) Union love never goes amiss either.


It's not a great archetype. There's no real win condition, and the strength is all over the place. All I'm seeing here is an exact representation of the prompt, without any flair or lore or anything to make it stand out; with some nerfing, they'll work, but I think you can do better with some creativity, Kyumi :P

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