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Akkedis: Pendulum Ritual Reptiles! (16/16)

- - - - - Pendulum Ritual Reptile Link Wyrm


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BACKSTORY TIME! I originally made this set with a "how crazy can i possible be?" mindset, and they ended up being Pendulum Gemini Dual-Type Ritual Reptiles...which made for incredibly tiny text, unnecessary complications, and a rather chaotic archetype. I had a bit of lore around some sort of Aztec civilisation, but with google images, there was only so much I could do. I remade them a bit later, dropping one or two concepts, but it was still...a mess. I left them to the tomb of my hard drive, again unsatisfied with their implementation.
Fast-forward to a few months ago, when I decided to revisit them. I had a few more images at this point, and decided to focus entirely on the Ritual/Pendulum aspect of it, as we hadn't seen any of that in the TCG/OCG. To make it more interesting, I made the Ritual Boses Wyrms, as a form of ascendence for this cult I had created in my mind around the Akkedis, and I built on the face-up in the Extra Deck theme, messing around with it as much as possible. And then...we had this.
In designing this archetype, I wanted to balance between GY play and Extra Deck play, as my habit with archetypes I have created is to include some GY interaction, especially as cards quite often go from your Extra Deck to the GY here. However, I don't know if by doing both I have made one or both aspects weaker than they needed to be, resulting in a desynchronous archetype.
Main aspects of Akkedis are Tributing AND dealing with Reptiles generically, considering how weak they generally are in today's meta. Really open to dealing with any broken interactions with this set and current cards in the TCG/OCG, as I do want to make these as fun to use as possible!
Tributing monsters from the Extra Deck is meant to apply the same way as destroying monsters in the Extra Deck, as when you Solemn Strike a monster face-up in your Extra Deck, it goes to the GY and is considered destroyed. I think this is a reasonable assumption to make, but it could be stupid.
Main Monsters: (7)

Ritual Monsters and Spell: (4)

Link Monsters: (2)

Spells/Traps: (3)

I know this is another large archetype, but any form of CnC would be nice!

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