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The Maw [OOC/Not Started/Accepting/R-16]

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[spoiler=The Showmaster]

"We all choose what's real and what's not; it's just that I'm better at it."

Name: Ah-Kurz Nideseer
Age: 32
Race: Argonian
Gender: Male
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Class: Performer (Illusion Mage)

Kurz's natural and proficient skill with this form of magic is mostly used in his performances, recreating the story of some ancient hero with phantasmic images or some severely expanded parlour tricks. It's also a major foundation for his tricks and cheating, distracting and rigging games or contests as he sees fit.
Drink of choice: Chyna’tuniks (Somnalius Frond, a herb found in Black Marsh, stirred in iced mead. )

Height: 1.57 meters | 5'2"
Kurz normally dresses wealthily but simply. He prefers his skills to make a statement rather than just using something anyone can buy, but why not spend a little to help his appearance?

[spoiler=Personality:]To Kurz, it's all about the act. Whether he enthralling crowds with visual marvels or double-crossing everyone in a game of cards, there's nothing more satisfying that the knowledge than knowing that you earned that gold. It wasn't just some opportunistic lucky snatch, rather the result of careful planning and practice coming to fruition, either leading to a spectacular performance or a perfectly rigged game. Kurz is confident in his abilities from his long string of successes, but is hesitant to do anything that requires skills in other areas. He also has no qualms with double-crossing people he doesn't like, as long as he can can get away with it.
Of course, his life focusing on his acts leads to him relying on his relationships with other people. Kurz can be smooth with those he talks to, and often maintains a cool persona before shows, but tends to become more excitable or melodramatic as a show or conversation goes on in order as he laps up attention. This leads to him being even more extravagant and over the top when he gets comfortable, or drunk, in further attempts to keep the spotlight on him. He hates being denied attention, but it takes a lot for him to get mad, due to wisdom having been developed along with his magical skills.
One would think that a lifetime living among and creating illusions would give him a rather suspicious and pessimistic view on life, but rather the opposite is true. Kurz has seen the power that his illusions hold over others, and doesn't really see what makes them any different from the "real" things he and others perceive. His simply die faster, and even then, that becomes less and less true as his skills improve. Everything ends eventually, so who gives a crap about whether what you're seeing is real or not? As long as you're enjoying yourself, that is.

[spoiler=Biography:]This Argonian isn't very talkative about his own past, despite his magical recreations of others' stories. However, ask around and you'll find rumours of him having been part of the Mages Guild back on Tamriel. You might even hear about his various stints at the many Bard's Colleges stationed around the continent. 
What you don't have to dig too deeply for is iurz suddenly making his presence known in Shuran, within Greycastle itself. You'll hear tales of wonder, stories of treachery and even of unbelief, but not exorbitant amounts. For now, he seems content within the town rather than becoming a nation-wise spectacle. Perhaps he simply has no need to expand further; not when he has the Maw at his fingertips.




Really hyped for this!

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We have an excellent cast of characters here to play with, I'd say. I'm still down to clowm.

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