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Reverse of Arcadia (New Game, Clean Slate)

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I decided to restart Reverse of Arcadia after a solid 7 years of data and progress (100% completion, I don't count the Wi-Fi download cards though if there were any like Tag Force had).


Man, did I forget how bad the selection and ban list was back then. Not to mention the lack of synergy for the beginning part (Lookin at you Starter Deck (Past)). So I decided to use three structure decks that I felt could get me to a moderate part of the game (Remember, haven't really done a clean slate for about a solid 6.5 years, so I don't remember which decks were the best at that time). I chose Zombie World, Machina Mayhem (I believe that was the name) and Zombie Madness (more Zombie support to an extent). Currently I am running a Machina build (which isn't good and has some shaky wins against the World Champion AIs.) I am trying to get more DP and more packs with all of this btw. Some suggestions would be nice on how to further improve the deck.


Deck: 40 Cards


Monsters: 21


Ally of Justice Garadholg x2 (decent level 4 and a target for Fortress)

Blast Sphere x1 (Not really any reason for him in here, planning on taking out when I get much better selection of cards, target for Fortress)

Cyber Dragon x1 (Staple and target for Fortress (If I am really needing that brute power))

Cyber Valley x1 (Draw Power primarily, need to find more since Pot of Greed is banned and not really good Draw power early on)

Dark Resonator x1 (Just tossed in there for the effect to take a hit. Not really good. Taking out for better options once I get them)

Green Gadget x1 (Deck Thinner, need to find more)

Red Gadget x1 (Same as Green)

Yellow Gadget x1 (Same as Red)

Heavy Mech Support Platform x2 (Honestly this is laughable and I know it. Already planning this guy to be taken out. At least its a Fortress target)

Jinzo x2 (This is more of a personal preference. Torrential, DP, MF are just nasty early game. Should I keep at 2? Bump down or up?)

Machina Defender x1 (I don't use the effect at all. That entire gimmick revolving around the three is just stupid honestly. Used to stop attacks and Fortress target)

Fortress x1 (NEED to find more. Good card and the ace of the deck of course. Not much else to say about it

Machina Gearframe x1 (Need more for deck thinning + Fortress searching, other than that, its a target and a 1800 beater)

Machina Sniper x1 (Just a level 4 beater. Not really used for Fortress target but field presence)

Machina Soldier x1 (Same as Sniper, but used more for Fortress target and its effect for any Machina)

Nimble Momonga x3 (Field presence primarily, LP recovery is nice. Thins out deck)


Spells: 9

Gaia Power x1 (On the hunt for more.)

Heavy Storm x1 (Staple, plus back row destruction is always nice)

MST x 1 (Staple again. Same as Heavy)

Shrink x2 (Get over those big monsters that my deck struggles with. Looking for better options of course)

Soul Taker x 1 (Just your average monster destruction. I don't like the 1000 LP gain your opponent gets, but its whatever. Fissure is bleh)

Swords of Revealing Light x 1 (This was tossed in their as my selection is meh at this point. Taking it out as the deck isn't built to stall but to swarm and smack things.)

Upstart Goblin x 1 (On the hunt for more. Good staple and draw power)

Wave Motion Cannon x1 (Tossed in for the giggles. Managed to get it to deal 8000 points of damage at once. Taking out once better burn options arrive if I feel like I need to go that route for whatever reason)


Traps: 10

Bottomless Trap Hole x1 (Just got a second one and putting it in later. Good monster destruction/banish and just a good staple)

Ceasefire x1 (Burn card. In here for just some damage. Planning to replace)

Compulsory x3 (Staple I think(?). Just a good bounce card and if my monster gets targeted by destruction, I can save it.))

DP x1 (On the hunt for more. Should I run 3 or limit to 2? Good Staple card)

Draining Shield x 2 (LP recovery and attack negation. I like it. Should I bump it up to 3 or keep it at 2?)

Seven Tools of the Bandit x1 (Usually used when I don't have Jinzo out. Other than that, not much going for it)

Torrential Tribute (Good board clearing card. Staple.)


Lemme know what you think. Its rough around the edges by a lot I think. The AIs I know aren't a good measuring stick so I have a buddy who's doing the same as me. Feel free to rip it apart. I don't really have a theme going for it (which is bad) and I realize this. 

If you know where Fortress is off the top of your head, let me know. Need 3 of him no doubt and I can't buy three structure decks in here unlike IRL. 

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ummmmmmm.  @black ?  does this belong here?  or i..........he is talking about a video game..... 448124070568001546.png?v=1

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ummmmmmm.  @black ?  does this belong here?  or i..........he is talking about a video game..... 448124070568001546.png?v=1

Yes, it is a video game.

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