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My Top 5 Disney Movie Songs


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Figured I'd make this a thread, since I'm sure a lot of people here appreciate Disney for what they were (and subjectively still are), but if there's anything they always nail it's their music. Post your top 5 favorite songs here.


Bonus points if:

1. One song per movie (or series)

2. Sung (or thought) by the characters

3. Hasn't been posted yet (though you won't be blamed for posting it anyway)

4. In order from least favorite to favorite (if possible)


Disclaimer: Dreamworks is owned by Disney, so it counts.


Anyway, here's mine (in order):


5. Eye to Eye - A Goofy Movie


I've always loved the Goofy movies. I feel like he doesn't get enough credit, especially with what Disney has put him through: Single parent stuck with a rebellious, teenaged son and too... well, goofy to keep a source of income. Yet in the end he somehow pulls it off and things turn out rather well. This moment that he shares with his son makes all that frustration worth it, not to mention how catchy the song is and how chill Powerline is with uninvited guests on stage. If only there were more celebrities like him (if any.)


4. I'll Make a Man Out of You - Mulan


The ultimate pep song for any occasion. Enough said. That on top of one of the best main characters in Disney history (in my opinion) makes this an easy pick for my top 5.


3. Hellfire - Hunchback of Notre Dame


Hands-down the best Disney villain song, not to mention one of my personal favorite Disney movies of all time. No amount of moral conflict can be expressed better than this. Despite how much he hates the peasants of his city, he lusts for Esmeralda and begs his God for forgiveness for having such dark thoughts. If anything, I'd say even the smallest amount of pity can be felt for this guy just because of this moment, if not only for a moment.


2. Colors of the Wind - Pocahontas


Yes I know, how could I rank this above "Hellfire"? I'll tell you why... Hellfire was only about one man's selfish needs, which made it shallow and pitiful. This song is deeper, more meaningful, and much more beautiful and uplifting. I'd even go as far to say that it changed my perspective of the world as a kid, which says a lot. Another one of my all-time favorite movies.


1. The Plagues - The Prince of Egypt


This fucking scene. I admit, this traumatized me more as a kid than any of Disney's famous "death scenes", but at the same time it made me appreciate this movie even more. The relentlessly dark and grotesque symbolism of God's wrath couldn't be expressed better than this, honestly making it the best part of growing up Christian watching it in Sunday school. This and "Deliver Us" were two of the most powerful Disney songs ever in addition with one of my favorite, despite biblical, stories ever written, making this my all-time favorite Disney movie and all-time favorite Disney song.




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Fuck you I'm doing top seven. Mostly because I'm only posting villain songs (because let's be honest, the villain song tends to be the best song in a Disney soundtrack), so I figured I should add two extra to make up for that. Also because it didn't feel right even cutting #s 7 and 6 out from this list because they're still super-good and pretty big deals. Let's roll.


#7 - The one I'm lowkey ashamed to put this low on the list


#6 - The one every list of Disney songs needs


#5 - The catchy one


#4 - The catchier one


#3 - The one that I'm honestly surprised it's this high on the list


#2 - The old one, not the new one


#1 - The one I can put on this list now

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