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Nathanael D. Striker

[Leaderboard] UltimateIRS vs Dragon Sage (Match 2-1)

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All Leaderboard rules apply.
First to 3 votes or most votes by 11:59pm PST March 11th, 2018 wins
All voters must elaborate on their votes or else the vote will be rejected.
Both contestants have the right to refuse votes but must explain why they don't accept it.
Card C votes are allowed in case the voter thinks both cards don't deserve a vote but must elaborate on why he/she thinks so.
Written cards are allowed.
Winner gets 1 Like from the loser; each voter gets 1 Like.
In case a downtime or an emergency happens, the deadlines may be extended.

Card Requirement:
Create a Toon Monster.

Card A
Toon Vice Dragon
If you don’t control ”Toon World”, destroy this card. If this card battles an opponent’s monster, its ATK becomes twice that monster’s. If a player controls a non-Toon monster, apply these effects, depending on the Attribute of the monster.
•LIGHT: He/She plays with their hand revealed.
•DARK: If you control 2 or more monsters, you cannot declare an attack.
•EARTH: During your Standby Phase: Target 1 defense position monster you control; destroy it.
•WATER: During your End Phase: Discard 1 card.
•FIRE: During your End Phase: Take 1000 damage.

Card B
Toon Mystical Elf
LIGHT, Level 4
Cannot attack the turn it is Summoned. Toon monsters you control gain 800 ATK, except "Toon Mystical Elf". While you control "Toon World" and your opponent controls no Toon monsters, this card can attack your opponent directly. During your Main Phase: You can switch this card to face-up Defense Position, and if you do, add 1 "Toon" card from your Deck to your hand, except "Toon Mystical Elf". You can only use this effect of "Toon Mystical Elf" once per turn.
ATK 800/DEF 2000

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Missing WIND on Card A. Doesn't seem like it was intentional, but that's a gaping hole in its potential to be played. But, to be honest, it's still pretty good without it. You won't really be running non-Toon monsters to keep them out on the field for long, and non-activating battle protection+extra damage...wow. Now with the support of Toons, it's not amazing in general, but I'd probably run it at 1 in tandem with DM or Red-Eyes. Not incredibly hard to get out these days.


Card B searches, I guess. To be honest, I think Toons have enough consistency atm, and while this is helpful, you're going to be wanting to use your SS or NS for a better monster. This card does provide more searching to get you the monster you want to NS/SS, and it does become an instant Toon Summoned Skull, I'll grant you that. I just think it's too slow when compared to Card A.


Vote to Card A.



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