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Intergaluster - Crystal Fusion Control!



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Many thanks to Mr. Melon for helping with this project, I would not have been able to make this as quickly as I did without his help.

@Tinkerer Bartholomew Melon

Anyway, this archetype, like Rocknight with 5Ds, combines aspects of archetypes from a given era. Unlike Rocknights, which took 5Ds effect text pretty much wholesale and became their own semi-modern thing stylistically, Intergaluster use the style of GX archetypes and their support, but taking a more modern approach to how the effects actually function. The primary inspirations here come from Neo-Spacians (bar NEX, which was dumb) and Crystal Beasts, but little stylistic touches come from quite a few characters from the GX anime.

As for what they do, Intergaluster is a control-based Contact Fusion archetype that maintains advantage through repeatedly going plus off its own Fusion Summons and shuffling the opponent's cards into their Deck, taking the backrow gimmick of Crystal Beasts and using it to maintain tempo before your playmaker shows up, and then just going ham once said playmaker does appear. There's also a real focus on the grind game, which is enforced through the repeated reset of your opponent's hand and field advantage.

Oh, before anyone asks about "Adrianicus Abraxus", it's an AGM card that works like a Fusion handtrap with any monster on the field. It's pretty neat.

Anyway, reviews are appreciated.

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