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BRADIO is a Japanese funk rock band. Their name is an acronym for "Break the Rule And Do Image On" and means that they will break the rules of everyday life, and while having a wonderful image all around, they will make a new good place. The members call their fans "Funky Party People."


If you've heard of them, it's most likely from them doing the opening for Death Parade, Flyers (which also happens to have my most favorite music video of all time):


My personal favorite song of theirs is Spicy Madonna:


And overall they just have a lot of great music:


I also love the visual style of the band, with their flashy suits, the afro on the lead singer, and the style of their music videos (I just find the effects on stuff like Flyers and La Pa Paradise's videos so great). If you haven't listened to any of their music, definitely check them out, they've got a lot of their music videos on their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube....YC7HoVZ6VQZENMA

Break the Rule And Do Image On


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